Minggu, 07 Februari 2016

He call me Prissy

Yes, Prissy isnt my name. You all know my name. But this name is my new nickname. First time I heard it, it feel like "Eh Prissy?? Sounds so girlish huh??". Maybe he wants to make me more girlish by calling me Prissy *my original name already girlish anyway*.

It shorter than my name. Before, he called me Priss but by the time he make it Prissy. And when I asked him the reason he just told me that Prissy is a cute name *hehhhh elu kira, seenaknya aja ganti nama orang*. But yeah, it feels like I have a lot of nicknames already. Depend on the situation.

And yes, its still like my own name, it just for me Prissy sounds so girlish. But when he call me Prissy, it always make my heart beat faster and faster. Knowing that part of mine calling me Prissy :)



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