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Cara Update ID Penjamin Visa di Website Imigrasi

Kantor Imigrasi Denpasar Sebagai penjamin visa (Visa kunjungan maupun KITAS nantinya), harus mendaftarkan diri ke website imigrasi. Hal-hal seperti data diri harus didaftarkan agar mendapatkan nomor ID sebagai penjamin. Nah, setelah 3 tahun sejak mendaftarkan diri sebagai penjamin, gw baru sadar kalau alamat rumah sudah berubah, KTP statusnya berubah, KK juga sudah berubah, tapi data masih yang lama sedangkan sudah harus mendaftarkan visa lagi.  Gw cari tombol untuk update profil penjamin di website imigrasi. Nyari muter ternyata nggak ada. Setelah tanya admin imigrasi, ternyata cara mengubah profil tersebut harus dengan mengirimkan email ke kasubdit visa. heheeeee! Setelah gw kirim email dengan format seperti surat formal, eh dibalesnya "mohon sertakan surat permohonan yang bertandatangan di atas materai" wkwkwkwkwkwkwk kenapa nggak sekalian gitu ngomongnya kemaren.  Gw pikir-pikir lagi, mepet nih kalau harus nunggu. Gw daftar ulang aja kali ya sebagai penjamin dg ID baru. E

Traveling During Pandemic

CGK to DPS I am one of the people who travel (relatively a lot) during a pandemic. Unfortunately, me being in a long-distance marriage, need mental and physical support once in a while.  In the beginning, we met after 8 months of the pandemic and then 3 or 4 months, then every 2 months. I went wild the first 8 months of the pandemic. Everything felt harder. I know many people feel the same, I am not the only one. We're just coping with the best we can do.  The island I call home 💙 It was so stressful the first time traveling during the pandemic. Like I said here , it's not really worth the effort if you're traveling "for fun". PCR price was crazy, every time we have to calculate the time, make it double as well as the price. Because we buy the time with money. I usually book a ticket at least 2-4 weeks before my travel, then went to the airport 2 hours before my flying time, everything felt so efficient but not during the pandemic. I booked my ticket a week befor

Let's Spend 50K Rupiah in Sanur!

Accidentally normal moment Let's imagine you're going to Sanur with me, and you have only 50K Rupiah to spend there. What would you do? Is 50K enough for that? 50K rupiah is about hmmm $3-$4 I guess. Well... let's find out!  Alright, since I drive my own scooter, so I need to spend 2K for parking fee at the beach. 2K is nothing. Then I'll leave my scooter and start to wander around the beach.  Low-profile Sanur is actually a lovely place to spend some time in. It may not be something fancy or hype like beach clubs in Canggu area, but... at least you'll spend way less here lol.  Alright, shall we start from the 5K lumpiyang for a simple breakfast? This is a real gem. It tastes better in the morning because it still piping hot! The sellers are everywhere. They usually start to sell around 7am. They come from many places, not only from Sanur. Some from Karangasem, some from Gianyar. Pretty far. Oh btw, there are also some sellers who come every afternoon so it's al