Minggu, 21 Februari 2016

Write your heart

Writing is all about heart. Nobody can force you to write, unless your proffesor who always force you to write your thesis and make it done on time. Really, nobody can force you, even when you feel you dont want to write, then you cant write.

Writing is a process. Process of thinking and the realization of that process. That process never be that simple. I realise that my writings isnt as good as others. But I also realise one thing that I love to write and show people. Like I write here that this blog may be ordinary for others but extraordinary for me. What that means? My writings might be a rubbish for others, but this is a part of my life. Part of my life that seems like a rubbish for others is something precious for me.

Yes of course this is better if you have theme for your blog. Maybe concern about politics, education or else, but mine is gado-gado. You know what gado-gado is??? That means I can write what I want. This is mine and I have fully my own right to make it as I want. If somebody says "Why dont you make money from your blog?". I can make it if I want. But this blog is my journal. A journal of my life. A journal about everything I see and I feel.

I dont expect mine have thousand of viewers in each article. I dont expect that. I just write something I see, I know, I feel, that might be informative and when people blog walking on mine they can find something they want. Sometimes there are no information about some important thing unless you experienced it (like Korean test, limit of information), and people passing by there, that already make me happy that something I write could help people. If they need further information, they can leave me email of course. But if not, then I think that what I write would be enough for them.

I wrote something and it published in local newspaper few years ago. And what I got as a feedback? I got money from university, yes because I make it. It doesnt much. But the most important feedback is people write me email and says what I wrote inspire them. I cant stop smiling that time because I know people got insipired by my writing. That makes me happy. Its not all about money, but heart and you know that what you write is useful for others.

I dont expect mine to be a trusted source for your thesis, since I dont write this to be a trusted source for thesis. I could make money from my blog, but not for this blog. This blog is pure my journal. Unless someone wanna pay me to write this blog, but still under my control.

Writing isnt that easy. If you are in the mood, then you can write 6 article in a day. But if not, you only write an article in 6 days.

You responsible for what you write. If you write something wrong and people share it, then you have to be responsible for that wrong thing. Thats why I always say writing never that easy. In this crazy world, people can sue you even you dont mean to offend but they feel offended for what you write.

Just... Write what you feel, what you see, and what you think. That is yours and you have your own control for it!

Have a nice day... it is raining in Surabaya

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