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Setelah Schengen Visa Ditolak Jerman

Bentheim Gw tau Jerman tuh emang meticulous banget, tapi gw nggak sangka bakal se- meticulous itu. Kira-kira bulan Maret gw apply Schengen via Jerman. Kenapa via Jerman? Karena Belanda nggak ada slot heheheee. Rencana perginya bulan April kalau nggak salah waktu itu. Karena suami ada libur tapi cuma pendek banget, dan dia pengen banget pulang ke sana, yaudah lah coba aja. Dapet antrian, mana bayarnya 700ribu pula 😅 lalu pergilah gw submit semua dokumen gw.  Gw bukan yang pertama kali mengajukan Schengen, jadi gw udah "tau" harus submit apa aja. Karena sebagai orang yang menikah dengan warga EU, kami berhak untuk tidak menunjukkan buku tabungan (yg penting tabungan pasangan yang EU yg ditampilkan), dll. Dengan ina inu, eh ternyata diminta surat kerja lah, kalau freelancer harus kasih tau bukti kerjaan juga. Gw rasa ribet ya karena nggak formal kerjanya, jadi ya udah gw tulis ibu rumah tangga. Itu juga masih harus bikin surat pernyataan siapa yg membiayai biaya hidup gw kala

Time runs so fast

Tomorrow is 2016. Time runs so fast. I still remember the first day on 2015, I felt that “Okay.. it gonna be next 12 months”. But time runs so fast. So fast. I felt it’s still January, but yesterday I realize that it is December already. Oh well..   What had happened in 2015? As a life, there are always 2 opposite things. Like happiness and sadness. Like black and white. Like up and down. I felt it much. I remember when I went to Jakarta 2 times in a month. I moved to a new place, a place that wouldn’t be my choice but now I am used to it *unless, someone who always ask me to resign and move back to my lovely place*. First half of year 2015 was great. And next half of year 2015, problems comes one by one. No use to write the problems but yeah problem just a problem. Also I have to wait more… ok.. no problem *it used to be a problem, but now*. I did cried a lot and more often than usual. Just to release the burdens. My mind couldn’t remember all of things that had happened in 2015.

Walking in Malang and Surabaya

Ok.. now I want to write about safety level of walking in Malang and Surabaya Well.. I love to walk. I often walking. Why? Because I am lazy to exercise so this is the only one simple sport that I can do everyday hahaha *an excuse* When I was in Malang, I walked a lot. Walking to campus, to my work place, to closest mall, even to somewhere that located a bit far from my place. I love to walk when I was in Malang. Because Malang air always refreshing and it is safe to walk everytime even at midnight *I did it often*. Yeah this is the simplest exercise that people can do. I walked at least 30mins a day, if I am not going anywhere. But I did more than that. Especially after raining, hmmm Malang is so beautiful and the best thing that you can do is walking enjoying Malang. And now... I am staying in Surabaya. I tried to walk, but everytime I walk I feel like people look at me and feel like "hey, who are you walking on my area!",  and never feel safe. People always talk to me

I am still the same

Now I found the reason why I really love to be under the rain. Last night mom told me about how I love the rain drops. When I was kid, daddy was riding motorbike, and I sat in front. For some people, it is not safe. But for me, it is interesting. A lot. When raining, and I sat in front, I always love to feel the raindrops on my hands and face even sometimes “drink” it. It is totally fine and fun. Well.. maybe dad and mom just a bit angry to me. They thought that it is not safe to ‘drink’ the raindrops. But I love it, even now. I mean I don’t drink it anymore, I just feel the raindrops on my hands, my face. I thought it is only I was kid that’s why I love under the rain. Every kids love it. I remember that I love to do it. But it is the thing that I always do when raining now. It is like healing. What kind of healing? From stress, from everything. When I feel that I need to be alone, to introspect myself, raining will be the best thing for me. feel the raindrops always be the best ti