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If Money Wasn't The Problem, What Would You Do?

In this extraordinary life, I would be a teacher still.  Helping people to understand even some little things to make them feel worthy and understand themselves better. It seems that teaching has become a calling for me. Not about teaching such specific subject like mathematics or so, but more like... I like to give new perspectives for people, and having them saying "Oh.... I see..." is satisfying for me. Of course, by teaching I can learn so many new perspectives from different people too. It's like the more I teach the more I learn, and that is so true. Maybe more like a guide. I like giving guidance to people who needs it. No, I don't like giving unsolicited guiding. I like to guide people who wants to be guided. I'd teach them how to love, love themselves first. Yea sure when we are talking about things, they would say "do useful things like engineering, plumbing, this and that" but they tend to forget that we need some balance in life. Not saying t

About time...

I moved here maybe almost 13 years. That day, I was 10 years old. Still in elementary school. I have lots friends on same age and some of them are my sister's friends (our age difference is 7 years). We grew up together. Growing up and I just realize now, when I graduated from uni, we all really grown up. Time for me to work, or continue studying, also they are already 17 years old. Time for them to get any license like driving license, residence card, or else. They already has their own rights to choose what they want to do in live. I think we are balance, lots boys and girls. Time for girls to feel "Lady wanna be", I mean on their age (around 17) they want to know how about having a boyfriend, how to put on make up on face, how is fall in love, or maybe how about kiss, and many things. Sometimes, some of them forget the point of studying at school. They just think about their romance or love or something like that rather than their achievement. Well.... that always ha


Kau tahu kawan kepanjangan dari Berdikari?? Aku rasa, kebanyakan dari kita pasti tau itu kan??!! Yah, BERDIKARI adalah berdiri di kaki sendiri. Artinya??? Mandiri, tangguh, tidak bergantung pada orang lain. Itu yang sejak dulu di gaung-gaungkan kepada kita. Indonesia merupakan salah satu negara yg berkembang. Kita emang sih belum menjadi negara maju seperti Eropa atau Amerika atau negara manapun lah itu. Tapi jika sedikit ditelisik nih ya, kita merdeka adalah hasil perjuangan atau hasil pemberian?! Pasti kita dengan kepala tegak akan mengatakan "Perjuangan sendiri, kerja keras kami selama ratusan tahun". Iya! Benar. Kita merdeka atas keringat dan darah seluruh warga negara. Kita berdiri di tanah merdeka ini dengan kerja keras. Patut bangga? Patut!!! Karena merdeka dengan hasil sendiri, tidak ada negara lain yg menopang hidup kita. Kita berdiri, berjalan, dan berlari atas kemauan kita sendiri. Akibatnya apa? Akibatnya tidak akan ada negara lain yg mengurus kepentingan intern


Naturally tanned! what? My skin... yes it's naturally tanned hahaha mostly people here are trying to make their skin become white. I don't know why. They just say "I will look more beautiful/handsome if my skin color is white". and they started to use many whitening creams all day all night. I use some cream, but not whitening. So, yeah you know, Indonesia is a tropical country which most people here are naturally tanned, right??? some people are not, it just because they have not much pigment like me haha... *why I laugh lots here* when I was kid, I want have a white skin *be honest*. then time goes and I found out that I look more sexy with my tanned skin *hmm yes yes?? yes :D *. then yeah I realize that I look good with tanned skin, and some white skin said they want and love tanned skin. look exotic hahaha... *I really wanna laugh at myself* Ok enough for now. I should not write like this. just wanna keep my blog stay update even with ridiculous writings hah

I don't have a phone

Few times ago I've wrote about smartphone and our life. why? because I think people need a phone in life, also smartphone makes some parts of life become easier right? But I have a student, he is older than me, and he don't have a phone. My reaction was, "WHAT?? you don't have a phone? even an old phone?? REALLY??".  When I ask him why, he just said "I just dont like it". Just yeah you know, people start to use a smartphone these day, but he isn't. It's hard to contact him even just for give him information about study. Ahh... really But yesterday, I found another one who doesn't have a phone too. He said "There are  a lot of disadvantages rather than advantages for having a phone. You have no privacy, intimacy. You are available 24/7 for everyone, and that thing can exploid (not literally) at any moment so you have the stress of knowing that any moment someone can contact you. It also is a surveillance tool that telecommunication