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The Reward of Teaching

Buku belajar Bahasa Indonesia dalam berbagai bahasa. I've become a teacher since semester 9. That being said, my teaching journey started in 2013. Took hiatus for 2 something years then I came back to these exam sheets, students, books, and social interactions. Didn't even want to become one but I fell in love right after I jumped in.  I guess I need to ask to apologize to my dad. I was mad at him a long time ago because he asked me to be one lol. Well, maybe I just didn't like the idea of being a teacher in a class where your students don't even care about you telling stuff in front of the class. That actually made me realize that I prefer to teach whoever wants to learn. Although sometimes I just need to teach without knowing what's their reasons to learn, and that is also fine. I do what I had to do. That is why I hate grading because I don't mind giving them a perfect score but what's the point if they know nothing after the course ended? I never teach a

Prambanan temple

Here just want to upload some pics :) Or maybe I already upload all of this but forget about that... Oghhh thats trully me....

Dirgahayu Indonesiaku

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia ke 69. Indonesia sudah merdeka selama 69 tahun. Kalau ini manusia, udah waktunya punya cucu atau bahkan cicit. Sudah benar-benar merdekakah kita selama ini? Sudah benar-benar menikmati kemerdekaan selama ini? Saya baru hidup selama 23 tahun, yang artinya Indonesia sudah merdeka selama 46 tahun sebelum saya lahir. Kebetulan saya lahir dibulan kemerdekaan juga, Agustus. Dan hal itu entah mengapa membuatku senang dan bangga memiliki bulan lahir sama seperti negaraku hehehe.... Aku cinta Indonesia. Kalau ada yang bertanya mengapa? Ini tanah air beta. Tempat lahir saya. Saya juga tumbuh dan berkembang disini. Banyak yang mengatakan, “Indonesia apa bagusnya? Banyak koruptor, kotor, masih banyak lah hal-hal dari sisi negatifnya”. Indonesia itu bagus kali.. sumpah deh. Yaaa kita tau masih banyak koruptor, tapi Negara udah mulai membasmi koruptor-koruptor kok. Pelan tapi pasti. Banyak hal negatif dari Negara kita? Hmmmm makanya itu sebagai generasi muda, Negara i

Your 74, papi

If only you were here now, I will be the first to say Happy Birthday to you. Unfortunately, God wants you to leave us forever. If you still with us, it could be your 74 right?? I still remember what we did together hehe.. Clearly remember. Always take to school and pick me up everyday to school. Always said that you will kick my friends if they make a mess with me. Sometimes you mad at me, I am ok with that because I was so young and bad hehe.. You always clean up your motor even it still clean and always in good condition. You love traditional music. You have lots cassete. I remember when you take me to school, and I kiss your hand, my teacher saw that and told me "Prisca, kalau kamu cium tangannya orang yg lebih tua, ciumnya harus bener bener dicium, jangan ditempel ke pipi saja", I did mistakes, and I kiss your hand sincerely from that time. Always worry about me, worry when I came home late even just 5min. Always wants me to be a doctor, but finally I become a mathemati