Sabtu, 28 Juli 2018

Mamma Mia!


I listened to ABBA songs since I was in elementary school. My grandma is a big fan of them. And it's like my family love to listen to the old songs that influencing me to listen to the old songs as well. So I knew a lot of ABBA songs. And definitely, love it.

Years ago, there was a movie called Mamma Mia! It's Merryl Streep as a Donna (main cast) there with the gang. It is kind of musical movie and found out that this movie is basically using ABBA songs. I watched it and liked it. Just because I like the songs.

 when they sang Dancing Queen

Then I realize that there is a new one, Mamma Mia Here We Go Again. No doubt, I bought a ticket to watch it. Again, because I like the songs. And yes I just liked it. I wasn't in a good mood that day and when it does, I will try to listen to the songs or singing (even though my voice is bad). But that helps me to have a good mood again.

I just liked how that three fathers of the girl love her so much. It's so funny, they can actually do the DNA test to find the real father but it seems like they don't want to do it and just want to be the father of the girl. That turns out, she has three amazing fathers who love her so much.

 Merryl Streep only show up at the end of the movie

This movie is actually about how they love their baby girl and how their girl loves her parents so much and wanna realize the dream of her parent. And there are two best friends of her mother who loves her just as much as her parents does. They are always there when she needs them.

It's just a good simple musical story. I usually never choose musical movies, but this is exception since I love the songs. I am yea having old vibes in me but gold lol. And Pierce Brosnan is still amazing as usual 😍

Minggu, 22 Juli 2018

Days Without Phone

Iya nggak nyambung, tapi ini juga diambil dari hape

My old stupid phone has shown me so many signs of being a dying phone. But of course I ignored it. I never bought phone unless I really need to change it or it is really dead. I can remember how many phones I had. My first phone was Nokia 3310. The big hard phone that you can use to hit someone with it. The second one was a gift, Sony Ericsson the first camera phone. Then the third was Samsung Galaxy Mini (lol! this is epic. New beginning of smartphone). Then I bought iphone when the Samsung officially dead.

Until this old iphone (I used it for 3 years), apparently can't update things anymore, insufficient memory, crash here and there. So yesterday, he dead in peace. He dead when my friend send me bunch of pictures of her holiday and then it dead. Just like that. It's time.

So technically I can't be reached that easily since thursday. I am only on FB messenger and skype, but only when I log on into my computer (and will be for some more days). Only depend on those two applications, in case somebody need me or whatever it is. TBH I feel so peaceful 😁. I don't need to rush on my phone checking my whatsapp (you know how crazy whatsapp groups when they are on, thought something important came up), or instagram, or whatever it is. Smartphone nowadays automatically make you addicted to it. Sometimes you don't even need to check your phone, but this addiction push you to check it as if something came up. You know, I ever felt that my phone is ringing or vibrating, so I check it but nothing show up there. Anyone felt like this?

I remember a series about alien that lived in earth and never wanted to get a phone. Now I know why lol

There are several discussions about how smartphone effect us daily. One reason it's not good for life, but on the other hand smartphone helps us in every possible way that I don't need to walk to ATM center to send money or pay my bills.

Have you heard about phubbing? It's kind of new term that means you ignore people who talk with you (or together with you) by playing on your phone. It is that actually happen nowadays right? A family together in same dining table, instead of talking to each other they are on their phones. Friends hanging out together like "hey let's meet up. I miss you all", but instead they still on their phones. I think it because smartphone is really addictive, in a way. That is why I reduce the usage of my phone when I am with my husband because time we have is limited. Why waste time on phone if we are together?

Funny fact, when I am with him, some friends or family will text me like "ARE YOU ALIVE?" 😂

But on the other hand, smartphone helps a lot in life. Pay the bills, order taxi, foods, transfer money, pay everything by scanning the bar code (cashless is amazing), and this and that. So you do also feel those convenient functions smartphone offers us.

It's just like a coin, two sided. Just, stop when you tired. That's all! (otherwise your phone will stop its life lol)

And by today, I miss my grab and gojek app! Especially when I can't order cheeseburger midnight! 

Senin, 16 Juli 2018

Chased By Ex(es) ?

Leave the past in the past and face what's in front of you

There is one article in newspaper here that said people who become friend with their ex(es) are psychopath. But I am not gonna say that they are psychopaths. I have my own reasons why you should not become friend with ex(es). 

There are so many kind of ex(es). The one that still love to encounter your new life without them, the one that still come after you, the one that want to destroy your new life because they can't have you, the one that want to be friend after becoming ex, and the one that doesn't give a shit anymore (it's me!). And maybe there are other more reasons...

I am the one that doesn't give a shit anymore once it's done. Why? Doesn't it sound mean? NOPE! Because for me, what is the point of keep encountering other people's life and bringing back those memories back into a new life? I don't see the point.

My ex, tried to contact me many times since we broke up. I don't understand why? After all pain I felt, tried for years to heal myself from those pains, and why suddenly contacting me and talked about all times we had together? Do you ever think that slightest memory in the past that I want to forget, can bring back all those pain I felt for years?

Maybe he want to be a friend again, or maybe he want to go back together again, or maybe and other maybe(s) that I don't know.

The thing is why I want to be with him again after all pains? I am not gonna do the same mistake. Even though we are going back again together, fixing what was wrong, the relationship won't be the same again. There will be things I worried that he or me will do the same mistake like previous relationship we had. I got back with him after broke up but what I was worried was right. It wasn't the same relationship like we had before, there was a deep wound that we can't fix and it just made me unhappy. So I decided to stop and move on.

But that is me. The reasons I never come back with my ex. But people will think differently. Some of them think they can be friend after 'special' relationship over or think that relationship deserve the second chance. For some of them it works, but for some of them going back to ex never work. I choose not to go back to my ex again because once the trust is broken, it will always remain broken. And I choose not to have any contact with my ex anymore.

So, if my ex read this, it's enough for us had a hard relationship before, we probably healed by now. But things won't remain the same. I clearly said in the beginning that I can't keep in touch with ex and if you find me didn't reply any of your messages, you should be understand that I don't want to bring any of my memories from the past. I have my new life with new person, and I am sure we deserve to be happy with somebody else.

Being in a relationship will always be challenging. Don't bother it with memories from the previous relationship. Your partner doesn't deserve that.

Just a thought 😊

Selasa, 10 Juli 2018

Urusan Pihak KUA Soal Kawin Campur

Perkara dengan KUA ini ngeri-ngeri sedap. Kalau beruntung, pihak KUA akan sangat membantu dan tidak meminta tarif lebih. Perlu dicatat ya untuk pendaftaran menikah dan proses menikah di KUA maka kalian akan membayar IDR 0. Jika menikah dirumah atau weekend, maka biayanya IDR 600,000. Biaya ini berlaku untuk sesama Indonesia maupun kawin campur. Dengan catatan dokumen masuk H-12 (11 atau 12). Tapi kalau nggak beruntung ya meskipun dokumen masuk dalam jangka tersebut, ya masih kena biaya penalti seperti saya contohnya. Atau kalau lebih nggak beruntung lagi, mereka akan nanya 'Masa nikah sama bule cuma bayar 600ribu? lebih lah ini harusnya' (ini kejadian lho beneran).

Tidak semua orang KUA pinter (sorry to say that but that is true). Kasus yang pernah saya alami, pihak KUA minta ke saya "Mbak, agama calon suami tolong tulisin ke ID atau CNI nya ya". Lah mana bisa kan? CNI yang keluarnya cuma sekali aja dan harus dikopi ratusan kali karena kalo ilang ga bisa minta lagi, eh orang KUA bilang begitu. Saya bilang dong nggak bisa, dia ngotot bilang "Bisa lah, kan cuma nambah agama gitu doang". Emosi memuncak dong. Seenak udel aja ngetik-ngetik nambah. Kan soal agama bisa pakai surat konversi yang berfungsi menggantikan tulisan "AGAMA" di kolom ID! Bego dipiara sih.

Orang tersebut mengancam tidak akan memberikan kita surat nikah kalau nggak ditulis di CNI (atau ID nya) calon suami. Dia sombong bilang kalo dia sudah pengalaman ngurusin nikah jadi harus sesuai maunya karena dia yang berkuasa. Padahal aturan dari negara sudah jelas. Orang seperti itu hanya orang berengsek yang maunya mengeruk keuntungan menggunakan jabatan untuk berlaku sewenang-wenang.

Akhirnya ntah apa yang mama saya lakukan, yang jelas saya berdiri di aturan negara tanpa membawa embel-embel jabatan maupun status sosial apapun melawan orang yang seperti itu. Orang tersebut akhirnya mau menerima kalau tanpa tulisan AGAMA di CNI (Atau ID).

Jika memang takut menghadapi hal tersebut, kalian bisa juga kirim email ke beberapa departemen terkait perihal urusan menikah. Saya salut dengan petugas Konjen Belanda di Surabaya yang cepat dan sangat membantu mempercepat prosesnya. Birokrasi Indonesia jelas membutuhkan banyak perbaikan. Banyak orang yang ingin menjadi PNS, hingga rela melakukan apapun, jadi sudah seharusnya mereka juga bekerja untuk rakyat dengan cara yang benar.

Setelah mendapatkan buku nikah, masih ada satu step lagi yang harus dilewati yaitu legalisasi buku nikah di 3 departemen dan kedubes negara asal suami. Proses tersebut harus dilakukan secara berurutan dan tidak boleh meloncat. Untuk yang berada di luar Jakarta dan nggak mau ribet urus legalisasi, bisa pula diserahkan ke orang yang direkomendasikan kedubes untuk legalisasi. Karena jika domisili luar Jakarta, harganya pun akan jauh lebih murah dibanding kita urus sendiri. Kisaran harga yang dibantu agen sekitar 1-2 juta. Jadi harus benar-benar cermat jeli memilih agen.

Segitu dulu aja lah gambarannya kira-kira kalo ngurus dokumen, Ya meskipun nggak semua KUA gitu kok, ini hanya pengalaman buruk aja yang bisa aja kejadian nimpa situ. Semoga sih nggak. Beneran nggak asik banget. In case you need a help, do contact me here or emails. I would be glad to help for sure 😁

Do We Need To Use A Plastic Straw?

Both I bought in Bali, the stainless was bought in Menjangan, the bamboo was bought in Little Talks Ubud

As we all know, plastic is one of the best inventions in the world. Unfortunately, this is becoming our main problem now. Too many plastic wastes that threaten the future of this earth. Here I am relying on people who work for biodegradable plastic. I hope that will works.

There are mostly two arguments about the usage of straw. Some people said that they use straw for medical and hygienic reasons. Some of them say they don't need to use the straw. For those who said that they need a straw for the medical reason, I can understand it. I can also understand how people need it for hygienic reason. They don't trust people enough that they clean the glass properly. As well as they might not clean up the spoon, fork, knife, and plate properly.

Everybody has their own reason. The thing is can they replace the plastic straw with something reusable if they can't live without straw?

When we went to Menjangan, this resort provides a very eco-friendly resort with less plastic usage. I don't need to explain how bad the plastic waste recently right? I just want to encourage people to use the reusable straw if they really need the straw. It could be stainless steel straw, could be the one from bamboo (I have them all). One straw cost at least 15k-20k. Such a cheap price for a lifetime straw.

How to clean up the straw? Put a little bit more effort to do that because when you use it for drinking thick yogurt, and not directly wash it, believe me, you will need to put a little bit extra effort to clean up. Could use some hot water or boil the straw, and use the brush for straw (which I just ordered today, cost 15k-40k depend on how beautiful the package is). But this isn't the problem right? You also wash your spoon and fork, then why not with your straw? (I start to imagine bringing my own spoon fork knife to eat in the restaurant 😯).

From the economic perspective, it might bring some lost for entrepreneurs who use plastic as their main sector, but self-awareness is also needed. Aware of how using plastic too much is threatening the world. It is happening now.

Two options: Let your kids suffer in a very bad world in future or try to save it now!

Rabu, 04 Juli 2018

Proses Menikah dengan WNA dalam Diagram Sederhana

Banyak pertanyaan masuk melalui email, komen blog, line, soal prosedur menikah dengan WNA. Jadi saya iseng bikin flowchart pake Ms. Visio yang udah lama nganggur ga dipakai. Jadilah bentuk sederhana yang mungkin bisa membantu untuk menyiapkan pernikahan. Dalam hal ini tentunya menikah dengan WN Belanda secara agama dan sah di mata hukum dua negara. Untuk yang beragama lain mungkin agak sama, tp detailnya bisa beda. Post ini mungkin bersambung dengan sentuhan pengalaman secara personal.

Dengan tambahan, Prenup tidak saya masukkan karena lebih baik di tulis secara terpisah. Setidaknya ada gambaran tentang proses untuk memulai persiapan menikah. Perlu dicatat juga, proses ini adalah proses yang harus dilakukan di Indonesia. Untuk proses yang dilakukan di negara pasangan, biasanya bisa lebih sederhana. 

I'll add more if it's needed.