Sabtu, 21 Maret 2015

Do the best

Studied mathematics at university then graduated and teaching Korean actually make me little bit hmm disappointed. I know that nothing useless when we learn something, but seems hmm where should I apply my mathematics?? Slowly but sure I have a lot of Korean classes. Yes I am not that expert in Korean, still lack of it. But I learn many things from those classes. Then one day, I have a mathematics class, for junior high school. So I teach Korean and mathematics. But then when that mathematics class done, I only teach Korean class again. *feel insecure hahah*

Then I got another job. Making a book in a team, and I work on the mathematics part. That book have been published. I am very happy because it is my very first national book -even work with team, even I have another module which have been published too by Mayantara publisher. Then slowly but sure, I have another job, making mathematics problem again. It will be publish later, with team again. When I show my book to my parents, suddenly daddy said "Hm.. actually you have a passion and capability in writing. You can continue writing everything then. This is also useful for others". I haven't write for some times, so now I try to write again. *and of course train my English again, it's getting worse recently*

So the conclusion is I am working in front of people when teaches Korean, and working behind the scene for mathematics. That makes me feel secure *apaan sih secure insecure aja hehe*. I mean I am able to apply what I have got from everywhere. I become productive human every day. Try to do the best for every chances that comes to me. Experience many things. Because being jobless or unproductive are something that always make me worried and scared me already.


Happy become  a productive and benefit for others. Have a good day. . .