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Sustainable Way to "Dump" our Waste

Sticker from eco-bali recycling October is funny month. We have this crisis of burning landfield in Bali, and they haven't pick up my trash for 2 months. Probably over two months now. We're like "Okay it's time to swap to the sustainable options" Yea we've been thinking about composting, but I do not know where to start. Because, you know, when you did it wrong it can be stinky and worm-y and not working out well. Turns out, they have composting company that provide the bin, the pickup, and even got the compost back monthly or per 6 months. I did not know that but of course my husband found it and planned to sign up for it.  The week where we had that plan on mind, suddenly in the morning there was a guy from this company came to our house delivering the composting bin. "No we did not order this, yet" Apparently the neighbor ordered their service but they got the address wrong. The next day, the same guy came again, brought his empty composting bin f

Lessons Learned in 2021

2021 is personally not an easy year. It's the year where I questioned my existence as a human being. I thought being a kind person was enough.  Obviously, I felt insecure when the closest person told me how I was not special, doing less than what I could. That triggered me and I started to ask myself "What am I doing on this earth? What's my purpose as a human? What am I going to do? What do I want to do? What do I want to become? What kind of future do I want? What am I?"  That person only became the trigger, yet the problems existed inside me. So I realized completely that it was about me, not someone else. There was something wrong with me. When I knew that the problem is me, I seek help. Lucky me (or should I say, unlucky me?), I didn't have those scary nights alone. My best friend went through the same, so we're kinda helping each other. Though the trigger was different we felt the same symptoms and side effects.  Yea I had those questions for a few month

Melihat dari Kacamata yang Berbeda

Dua minggu gw di Jawa. Rencana awal hanya pulang karena sepupu menikah, tapi ternyata diperpanjang sampai 2 minggu gegara tiket penerbangan yang tiba-tiba 2,5 juta dan 7 juta lol.   Gw pakai kesempatan ini untuk ketemu temen-temen gw. Temen deket gw yang udah lama banget nggak ketemu. Tadinya sih nggak mau woro-woro agar ku tak perlu banyak keluar rumah dan yaa gw nggak suka juga terlalu banyak keluar rumah. Panas banget hey, jalanan padat pula. Paling juga keluar karena gw pengen makan makanan yang gw nggak bisa dapet di Bali.  Tapi, ketemu temen-temen deket gw bener-bener hal yang bikin melek pikiran. Banyak banget perubahan mereka, menjadi pribadi yang lebih hebat dan gw terpesona dengan perkembangan mental mereka. Kita banyak cerita soal kehidupan dan lain sebagainya. Kesemuanya merupakan hal-hal yang pantas dibicarakan untuk dipetik pelajarannya. Hebatnya lagi, mereka nggak menggurui sama sekali. Bangga banget gw, beruntung karena lingkaran pertemanan gw yang sehat dan tidak pe