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If Money Wasn't The Problem, What Would You Do?

In this extraordinary life, I would be a teacher still.  Helping people to understand even some little things to make them feel worthy and understand themselves better. It seems that teaching has become a calling for me. Not about teaching such specific subject like mathematics or so, but more like... I like to give new perspectives for people, and having them saying "Oh.... I see..." is satisfying for me. Of course, by teaching I can learn so many new perspectives from different people too. It's like the more I teach the more I learn, and that is so true. Maybe more like a guide. I like giving guidance to people who needs it. No, I don't like giving unsolicited guiding. I like to guide people who wants to be guided. I'd teach them how to love, love themselves first. Yea sure when we are talking about things, they would say "do useful things like engineering, plumbing, this and that" but they tend to forget that we need some balance in life. Not saying t

Merah putih sampai mati

Tanah airku Indonesia. Negeri elok amat kucinta. Tanah tumpah darahku yg mulia. Yang kupuja spanjang masa. Indonesia tanah air beta. Pusaka abadi nan jaya. Indonesia sejak dulu kala. Tetap dipuja puja bangsa. Disana tempat lahir beta. Dibuai dibesarkan bunda. Tenpat berlindung dihari tua. Sampai akhir menutup mata. Dirgahayu Indonesiaku yang ke 70 tahun. 17 8 45. 70 tahun sudah. Sudahkah kita merdeka sepenuhnya? Merdeka dari penjajahan tak terlihat dari negeri orang, merdeka dari kemiskinan, merdeka dari kebodohan, merdeka dari semua hal buruk yang mengikat kita? Bisakah kita? Indonesia adalah negara besar. Negara yang benar2 besar secara penampakan dan seharusnya besar disegala sisi. Kita pernah sangat disegani dunia luar. Dunia luarpun takut kepada kita. Kita seharusnya bisa menjadi negara hebat, bahkan lebih hebat dari yang pernah kita alami. Membangun negeri ini, bukan berarti menutup pintu dari dunia internasional. Berjaya dikancah internasional adalah salah satu bentuk majuny

Happy birthday Papi

Like usual, august 14 always be my special day because its your day. The day you were born. Happy birthday papi. I wish I could see you in your 70s but it just my wish... Although you arent arround, you are still alive in the deepest of our heart. Well.. what can I tell you in your birthday? I feel like I am getting closer to my dreams. You never know my dreams but I told you many times about it. Another wish, just wish that you are still here with us. Will you be proud of me? I am 24 years old now. Old enough right? Hehehe.. maybe you will ask me to married even before my 24 hehehe.. Dont worry, I am gonna take my Mr.right to see you and let you know that he is the best one for me, to take care of me. Hmm.. mami was sick few times ago, but she can bear it really well. She got discharged from hospital soon and recover very well. She is now in onyo's house of course. we made a video call last week I guess, and she looks very happy and active again -you know what is active definiti