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The Reward of Teaching

Buku belajar Bahasa Indonesia dalam berbagai bahasa. I've become a teacher since semester 9. That being said, my teaching journey started in 2013. Took hiatus for 2 something years then I came back to these exam sheets, students, books, and social interactions. Didn't even want to become one but I fell in love right after I jumped in.  I guess I need to ask to apologize to my dad. I was mad at him a long time ago because he asked me to be one lol. Well, maybe I just didn't like the idea of being a teacher in a class where your students don't even care about you telling stuff in front of the class. That actually made me realize that I prefer to teach whoever wants to learn. Although sometimes I just need to teach without knowing what's their reasons to learn, and that is also fine. I do what I had to do. That is why I hate grading because I don't mind giving them a perfect score but what's the point if they know nothing after the course ended? I never teach a

Kenali Profil Resiko Sebelum Investasi

"Wah emas lagi tinggi nih, gw jual gimana?" "Trus kalo dijual mau dialokasikan kemana dananya? Udah tertarik saham?" "Nggak juga sih, ya buat beli emas lagi aja ntar kalo udah turun" Lak mbulet ae koyok entut 😂 Investasi itu bukan perihal ikut-ikutan lho. Ya gapapa ngikut investasi tapi pastikan profil resikonya sesuai dengan diri sendiri. Jangan pernah samakan profil resiko kamu dengan orang lain. Kalau ada yang nanya gw selalu tanya profil resikonya apa dulu. Masa iya yang konservatif langsung investasi saham? Ya mabok 😅 Ada tiga jenis profil resiko: konservatif, moderat, progresif. Sesuai namanya, konservatif ya yang nggak mau terlalu beresiko. Maunya hidup tenang, tidur nyaman, nggak dihantui mimpi "Woi investasi lu lagi turun, jual-jual sana daripada makin rugi lhoooo." Biasanya jenis ini maunya yang pasti-pasti aja macem deposito. Tentu saja sesuai prinsip investasi, kalau maunya yang aman yaaaa return juga baliknya dikit.

Sanur April 2020

How are you doing guys? A few weeks ago I went for groceries shopping and I thought that I needed to visit the beach after 2 months. The supermarket I went to was a few mins from the regular beach so ... here's some pictures I got that day. It was empty almost in every spots. Mask on It is allowed to be naked with mask on  some broken English, guys  waiters were waiting for sunset as they had no customers in the restaurant I hope you enjoy the pictures here 😉 Have a good day 🌞