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Mengalahkan Rasa Takut akan Tenggelam

Makanan setelah renang di KOOD Sanur (serba vegan) Dari dulu takut banget sama air dengan volume yang besar. Mungkin di kehidupan gw sebelumnya gw pernah tenggelem kali ya. Makanya nggak pernah bisa renang. Karena ya takut tenggelam. Bahkan sekedar kecipak kecipuk aja takut. Sampai pindah ke Bali. Pindah ke Bali nggak berekspektasi setinggi itu sih. Ternyata, jadi lebih sering main air di pantai. Nggak renang, cuma berendam aja. Lama-lama jadi kebiasaan dan udah mulai terbiasa dengan air. Ternyata seru juga yaa. Kemudian dilatih suami gw buat berani snorkeling. Iya takut awalnya, nggak percaya meskipun dia bilang nggak akan tenggelam karena pake fin. Hmm masaaaa~~ Ya tetep pake pelampung sih. Pertama kali nyemplung, tentu saja heboh takut tenggelam padahal udah pake pelampung, pake fin, mana dipegangin juga. Tapi heboh aja, takut tenggelem. Ada 3 spot waktu itu, gw cuma nyemplung satu spot aja belum juga 15 menit udah naik kapal. Beberapa kali snorkeling akhirnya baru berani lepas pela
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Traveling During Pandemic

CGK to DPS I am one of the people who travel (relatively a lot) during a pandemic. Unfortunately, me being in a long-distance marriage, need mental and physical support once in a while.  In the beginning, we met after 8 months of the pandemic and then 3 or 4 months, then every 2 months. I went wild the first 8 months of the pandemic. Everything felt harder. I know many people feel the same, I am not the only one. We're just coping with the best we can do.  The island I call home 💙 It was so stressful the first time traveling during the pandemic. Like I said here , it's not really worth the effort if you're traveling "for fun". PCR price was crazy, every time we have to calculate the time, make it double as well as the price. Because we buy the time with money. I usually book a ticket at least 2-4 weeks before my travel, then went to the airport 2 hours before my flying time, everything felt so efficient but not during the pandemic. I booked my ticket a week befor

Let's Spend 50K Rupiah in Sanur!

Accidentally normal moment Let's imagine you're going to Sanur with me, and you have only 50K Rupiah to spend there. What would you do? Is 50K enough for that? 50K rupiah is about hmmm $3-$4 I guess. Well... let's find out!  Alright, since I drive my own scooter, so I need to spend 2K for parking fee at the beach. 2K is nothing. Then I'll leave my scooter and start to wander around the beach.  Low-profile Sanur is actually a lovely place to spend some time in. It may not be something fancy or hype like beach clubs in Canggu area, but... at least you'll spend way less here lol.  Alright, shall we start from the 5K lumpiyang for a simple breakfast? This is a real gem. It tastes better in the morning because it still piping hot! The sellers are everywhere. They usually start to sell around 7am. They come from many places, not only from Sanur. Some from Karangasem, some from Gianyar. Pretty far. Oh btw, there are also some sellers who come every afternoon so it's al

Vaksin Booster (ke-3) di Bali

Gw anaknya emang rajin banget imunisasi dari bayi. Bersyukur banget mak gw bukan antivak wkwkw. Jadi ketika tau booster covid bisa didapat di bulan ke-6 setelah vaksin kedua, bergegaslah diriku ini mencari informasi. Gw sempet itung juga, "Kalau 6 bulan berarti gw dapet bulan Februari, tanggal berapa ya? Oh gini aja, setaun dibagi 2 kan 6 bulan. Oke berati 182,5 hari." Setelah gw hitung ternyata gw liat ada list di di tanggal 23 Februari. Maunya tanggal 22 Februari yaa biar cantik tanggalnya juga biar inget aja, tapi nggak dapet tanggal itu.  Nah, harusnya kan di Peduli Lindungi keluar tiket vaksin ya. Temen gw yang vaksinnya 2 hari duluan dari gw aja udah dapet tiket kok gw belum. Dia udah dapet dari bulan lalu, gw nggak ada. Yaudah akhirnya gw hitung manual tadi.  Karena gw nggak dapet tiket, tapi gw hitung manual, tentu saja gw berdoa semoga gw nggak ditolak ya. Nah, di Bali enak banget. Daftarnya pakai aplikasi antrian namanya SpeedID. Ini waktu gw vaksin pertama udah ada

The Spell of the Ocean

Vavuu atol Someone once told me that he couldn't live far from the beach and ocean. Wherever he lives, it must be somewhere next to the beach. Preferably 10 mins walking. I didn't get that until I feel it myself.  Holy shit! When did I fall in love with the beach? Grew up in Malang, they don't have calm beaches. They have only southern beaches, with crazy waves and deadly ones. Never crossed my mind that I'd fall in love with beaches. Too noisy, too crowded, I don't like it. Because the beaches there are always so crowded with people. Then I moved to Bali, living practically close to the beach. Only 3 KM from Sanur. The first time I came to Sanur, I fell in love with that beach from first sight.  I do love Seminyak beaches too, the sunsets are always crazy beautiful, but it's pretty far. For many people, Sanur may not be that special but for me it is. I can feel the energy whenever I need to recharge myself. It's always sweeping away my negative thoughts/ene

Is Living in Bali Good?

Offering Before I moved to Bali, I told my husband that I wouldn't even think about it. At that time I was thinking about the salary of working in Bali because I thought there were not much of big companies like in Jakarta or Surabaya. Lol yea that's kind of true but there are a lot more international companies here lol. I fooled myself. I mean, the minimum wage of Bali is way less than Surabaya. Almost half of Surabaya while the living cost here seems expensive. I thought so. Well, obviously I was wrong. You can read the prices in Bali  here . Another reason I didn't want to move to Bali is that it is "BALI". Foreigners don't even know Indonesia but they know Bali. I don't fancy popular stuff that much.  Sanur. My regular. Can you spot Agung Mt? We visited Bali pretty often before moving here. Not to experience those fancy club-hopping lifestyles, but the small villages and how people live here. Slowly but sure, I started to love the energy here. I tried

Island Break Maldives

Can you spot me? How can I miss it already? I never had such an expectation when it comes to a hotel/guesthouse. I mean, why should I? It's just a place to stay when we're away from home. As long as it's clean then it's good enough. Until I stayed at Island Break. This guesthouse is an exception. We stayed there because it is bundled with our PADI diving course. I was too focused on my first diving stuff so I didn't really care where to stay. H asked for a guesthouse recommendation, anywhere doesn't matter as long as their food is good. How good that can be huh? I guess it would be pretty standard, no? Good lord! I am in love with this guesthouse the moment I stepped my feet in. Why? I don't even know why. Lol. I mean... alright let me tell you my experiences here. When we arrived by speedboat, it was pretty late because our flight was delayed for almost an hour before we could actually land. So we missed our 1100 speedboat and had to wait for the 1600 speed