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Kenali Profil Resiko Sebelum Investasi

"Wah emas lagi tinggi nih, gw jual gimana?"
"Trus kalo dijual mau dialokasikan kemana dananya? Udah tertarik saham?"
"Nggak juga sih, ya buat beli emas lagi aja ntar kalo udah turun"

Lak mbulet ae koyok entut 😂

Investasi itu bukan perihal ikut-ikutan lho. Ya gapapa ngikut investasi tapi pastikan profil resikonya sesuai dengan diri sendiri. Jangan pernah samakan profil resiko kamu dengan orang lain. Kalau ada yang nanya gw selalu tanya profil resikonya apa dulu. Masa iya yang konservatif langsung investasi saham? Ya mabok 😅

Ada tiga jenis profil resiko: konservatif, moderat, progresif.

Sesuai namanya, konservatif ya yang nggak mau terlalu beresiko. Maunya hidup tenang, tidur nyaman, nggak dihantui mimpi "Woi investasi lu lagi turun, jual-jual sana daripada makin rugi lhoooo." Biasanya jenis ini maunya yang pasti-pasti aja macem deposito. Tentu saja sesuai prinsip investasi, kalau maunya yang aman yaaaa return juga baliknya dikit.

Jenis kedua adala…

You'll Be Missed, Grandma

I took this flower-picture a few minutes before you leave us. That was the only time I leave you out of my sight.
It's been a week, you are not around. Usually you open my door in the morning while holding Molly the cat, and said "Wake up, don't be late to work" Haven't heard that for a week now. 

All of sudden you can't walk, you can't lift your arm, you can't talk properly you got a speech problem, you got a severe headache. Well it was not easy to bring you back to your room from the kitchen since you were well.. heavy. But I see it now as a kind of chance you gave me (and my lil sister) and I am thankful for that.

It was a stroke and you had more than 50% blockage blood vessels in your brain. It was weird since you felt nothing before and you were fine. Nothing different physically. We really hoped that you'll recover. We even got plans how to take care of you when you leave hospital.

But God knows better, right? God took you back right in fr…