Minggu, 07 Februari 2016

Wedding exibition

Last month, me and another Prisca were so stress because of job. And we decided to go to mall to eat pentol gila *spicy meetball*. We both talked about many things, this and that, also ate our pentol gila. Done with pentol gila, we didnt know what to do, just walk around then looked at something downstair. There were wedding exibition and what we did?? Screaming and said "LETS GO THERE! LOOK AT WEDDING DRESS AND STUFF!!!! LETS GO!".

People who wants to get married always react like that, for sure.

Well the exibition offered wedding dress like kebaya. Mostly kebaya, but I didnt see something good. I found something interest like price of photo booth, catering and wedding ring. We stopped for a long time in wedding ring booth. Looking for a nice simple wedding ring.

Asked the owner and I want to have Palladium one for my wedding ring because a man couldnt wear the gold one. But then she recomended to get the gold one for me, and palladium for husband. The price is the same between white gold and palladium. She also recomend to buy it around may-june. Because can get the cheaper price than now.

There were a lot of nice wedding ring. But I found one look nice and simpler, also not so big. So I think it would be nice to wear.

The owner also asked when I plan to get married. Both Prisca said "InshaAllah this year" haha. And ohh marketing style, she said "ohh I really hope you both could get married soon, and dont forget to visit our showroom and get a nice couple ring there ya.. see you soon there!". Nah lho

If you wanna get the cheaper price of gold, you can go get them on May-June. Its not only recomended for couple who want to get the ring, but also best time for people who want to invest some money in buying gold. Then you can sell it later on month like January-Feb *because I found this price of gold expensive this month*.  And Oh for you who are muslim, since your future husband couldnt wear the gold one, you can get him the Palladium one. It has the same price but different price whn you sell it later. Ahh you wouldnt sell your wedding ring right?

Wedding exibition will always be so important for people to get reference for their wedding. I dont know when I will get married, just.. look for wedding references also nice thing to do to release all stress from work.

Have a nice day :)

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