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Hello Menstrual Cup!

Two years ago when I was in Bali for a holiday with my husband, I saw an ad about a menstrual cup. That really surprised me. I was like, "Huh? A cup inside?" Well technically it is fine with penis inside, so it should be fine with a food-grade silicone cup inside. 
I am afraid I am gonna say "I am disappointed for not using this sooner" as so many reviews go like that.

The reason why I want to convert my menstrual pad to a menstrual cup is I got rashes so much when I am on my period. It's kind of allergic and that is every women's problem. 
A menstrual cup is reusable, no waste at all, you can use it for 5-10 years or until it cracks (then you have to change it). So this is an eco-friendly product. I chose menstrual cups instead of the menstrual reusable pad because it takes too much time to wash (and dry) the reusable pad and I just don't like it. It's like washing your panties when the blood leaks. Not my favorite. 
So after 2 years of readings, watch…

Tahun Ketiga Kami

I can feel the butterflies in my belly whenever I think about being married to someone I love. 
There's always room for agree to disagree, different opinions, bad times, rough times, pains, and any other unpleasure times. But there are always more and more space for pleasurable times.  Marriage is always challenging since day one. How can it be not challenging when you try to communicate what's in two different heads into one compromise that both can accept? But that's the beauty of commitment, I guess.

I am grateful for what we have now. Nothing can beat it.

Dear husband, thank you for staying with me with all of my stubbornness and cuteness (for sure), through all of these ups and downs. I know it is not easy but you always surprise me in an unimaginable way. 
Dear myself, thank you for always trying harder and not giving up easily to make it work. I know you can do it. You're a tough one. 
Dear us, let's make it work for many years to come. Let's grow old t…

Anjloknya Saham, Nanjaknya Emas

Aduh portofolio saham gw anjlog men, gara-gara covid-19. frangipani
Sounds familiar? Itu yang gw dengungkan sejak akhir Februari!! 😂

Sejak covid-19 menyerang, itu virus bener-bener ganas banget. Bukan cuma manusia yang disasar, tapi juga pasar saham di seluruh dunia. Gw lagi pantau akhir-akhir ini pasar US dan Kanada karena urusan kerjaan, eh nggak jauh beda juga nasibnya. IHSG sampai berdarah-darah tak terkira hingga pasar sempat ditutup karena turun 5%.

Dulu waktu krisis 98, gw masih SD kelas 1. Yang gw tau saat itu, yang gw ingat saat itu, TV rame protes dan kekacauan. Mamak gw ngeluh karena harga beras jadi super nanjak banget. Tapi yaa apa sih yang anak usia 7 tahun pahami tentang krisis moneter kala itu? Toh gw masih tetep jajan, masih tetep main, makan enak.

Nah, waktu kemarin IHSG seanjlok itu, gw tiba-tiba galau mikir duit cadangan ada berapa, aset ada berapa, hutang ada berapa, stok beras, stok indomie, segala-gala gw itungin. Ya ampun, mungkin ini yang dirasain nyak babe gw…