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Romanticizing My Cooking

Bakso I have to admit that my love for cooking is growing. It's growing and I can't believe it myself. This feeling has been like this since probably two years ago. Before, cooking felt like a hard work that I had to fulfill. It still is, but the difference is I enjoy it now. So it does not feel like I am forcing myself.  Back then whenever I cooked, it's either wrong recipe or incorrect measurement. It never tasted right. So I gave up cooking just because I never found the right one. And then I started to feel that I wanna eat better. I don't want to just eat whatever, I want to know what goes into my body. If I prepare it myself, then I know it's good one.  I don't eat too much sugar, sometimes it is hard to buy one thing outside and has a lot of sugar in it. So cooking it myself will allow me to control the amount of sugar. So I found recipes and I tried to make them. As to my surprise, they taste right! Exactly how they should have tasted. That made me happy

Sudah Vaksin Covid Lengkap

Sei sapi yang kucintai Yes, it's my biggest flex this year.  Setelah vaksin pertama akhir Mei kemarin, akhirnya gw udah dapet suntikan kedua tanggal 21 Agustus 2021. Cantik kan tanggalnya?  Masih di RS yang sama, Surya Husadha, kali ini gw berangkat pagi. Yaa... 15 menit lebih pagi daripada vaksin pertama 😬 Karena gw ketiduran, seperti biasa. Hari itu hari sabtu, memang sengaja milih akhir pekan waktu vaksin pertama. Kita nggak tau efeknya bakalan gimana kan.  Vaksin pertama gw bisa bilang hampir ga ada efek apapun sih. Cuma ke UGD aja hari ketiga karena asam lambung naik banget. Setelah gw inget-inget, gw emang nggak banyak makan setelah vaksin malah gegoleran dan kata dokternya "Kalau abis vaksin tuh makan mbak yang banyak, protein yang banyak, jangan malah ga makan. Jadinya asam lambung naik kan?" Yasudah abis disuntik ranitidin, sejam juga gw udah mendingan.  Jadi gw bertekad "Ok setelah vaksin kedua, gw harus makan yang banyak!!!" Setelah gw datang di RS,

I Let Go Of Anger

Since I've found my missing piece, I've been feeling complete, whole, happiest. Everything. It feels like my soul is one now. It gives me feelings that I've never felt before. Before I could feel any of this, I had an emotional roller coaster for months, I had restless nights, I had days with anxiety, I felt numb, I cried every night, I went to a psychologist, I was constantly tired. It was not easy and it happened for a few months before I turned 30. I even felt like giving up. "So how? Will I keep going or give up now? Should I give up now? It feels a lot easier when I give up" I had those thoughts for so long.  But then I realize something, "No, I do not quit. I am a fighter!" So I didn't quit, no matter how shitty those days were, I decided not to quit. So I keep going. I started to exercise, I started to eat healthy, less sugar on my tea and coffee, I sleep early waking up early. I started to map my mind and emotions one by one, putting them in

Turns Out, I Still Want To Have Kids

Chrysant A few months ago I was in doubt about having kids. It disturbed me that much. That much. Should I have one or not at all? I was doubting, I doubted myself, I wasn't sure about the reasons why I want to have kids. Oh come on let's be realistic, world is getting worse isn't it? Education is not cheap. A lot of destruction going on. How can I be that selfish to let my kids growing up in the crumbling world we're live in?  I wasn't even sure if I could be a good mother for my kids.  I tried to look for the reasons why I shouldn't have kids. A lot of them are sensible reasons. Very sensible and logical. I turned myself from wanting kids right after I got married into someone who questions the idea of having kids. Oh let me be clear here, I don't oppose people who want to have kids. It's totally your right. As long as you're being responsible. I love kids so much, don't get me wrong. I love them and I am good with them (for a few hours before

Diary Teacher Keder

Nggak berhenti ngakak ya ampun. Ini buku bener-bener sesederhana membuatku mengingat masa-masa kegelapan di jaman SD. Eh ternyata gw dulu jaman SD juga gitu ya ampun. Puluhan tahun berlalu ternyata kelakuan anak SD juga masih sama aja sekarang 😂 Bukti bahwa sejarah itu berulang. Jadi akhir-akhir ini gw menghindari segala macam yang agak berat. Terus ketika tau si pak guru satu ini rilis buku, gw sempetin beli lah jelas karena tulisannya nggak pernah bikin gw nggak ngakak. Meskipun gw belinya setelah sebulan lebih rilis. Di buku ini, yang paling bikin gw ngakak ada di bab perihal kutu 😂 Kenapa bisa creambath sekelas begitu sih 😂 Ini gw kenapa bisa ngakak banget karena dulu gw juga gitu. Nggak sekelas juga kek mereka sih, tapi lebih ke per grup gitu karena entah dari siapa, gimana ceritanya, kita sekelas kutuan semua ya ampun. Cepet amat kutu-kutu ini loncatnya. Gw nggak mau buka isi buku ini sih. Kalo penasaran ya beli aja lah sendiri. Tapi yang jelas buat gw, selama menyelesaikan b

Hey, I Am Turning 30!

I always thought that wherever I go, August will be the hottest month of the year. Because it is summer for most people. August is my favourite but I always hated it for being the hottest month. But hey, if I move my ass to Australia, I'll be having August in winter!  I forgot that Australia is different. Although it is considered winter, the weather seems good between 15-22 degrees. It's the best temperature ever. August is my favourite month of the year.  Anyway, I am turning 30 today. A new milestone. I am feeling anxious lately. Some people said, "You're a young adult in your 20s but you became an adult when you turn 30" yea that definitely didn't help my anxiety.  When my mum was 30, I was already 10. So yes I had this in my mind, "30 is serious age, by that time I am probably married, have one of two toddlers." Everything was planned traditionally just like how I saw my mum. Graduate, job, married, having kids, living like a normal family. Turn