Jumat, 19 Februari 2016

Biggest achievement

One of my friend in whatsapp group (frontsummer group) want to apply for a job. She have to answer a question about achievement.

“Please describe one of your biggest achievement and how does it shapes you?”

She shared it with us and got some responds from us.

One of my friend who studying in Liverpool now said that her biggest achievement was graduated on time (4 years in under graduated program). She told the LPDP interviewers like that. Maybe because of this she passed the interview and studying in England now.

Then I said, my biggest achievement now is my mum bless us to go further in this relationship *which is mean she let us to make a further plan. She wasn’t let us before. But since we insist and try to convince her that we both serious sooo something changed and she let us now*. This is one of my biggest achievement.

Another friend said, “My best achievement is working in Jakarta”. He is working in Surabaya anyway. Then I said, “Hey.. that is your dream, you never work in Jakarta. It still your dream to work there, since your girl stay there”. Seems there was misconception about dream and achievement for him because he is so eager to work in Jakarta so he can date his girl everyday haha

While my friend still confuse thinking about what was her biggest achievement. I told her, biggest achievement is always depend on your heart. You may think that my achievement isn’t great at all, but for me it is. Biggest doesn’t always mean people see what you achieve like maybe you could be a president for Indonesia or become a wife of Great Britain Prince or another thing but biggest achievement in your life, that’s only you who know it. Because you feel it.

Oh yeah, another biggest achievement of mine is : knowing my students said “Ah… Okay I understand now what does it mean” after explain them, that also be the biggest of mine. Could share them my knowledge, and make them get what I mean.

So never compare your biggest achievement with another people achievement. Biggest for you doesn’t mean biggest for others, and vice versa.

Have a good weekend with beloved ones :)

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