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Romanticizing My Cooking

Bakso I have to admit that my love for cooking is growing. It's growing and I can't believe it myself. This feeling has been like this since probably two years ago. Before, cooking felt like a hard work that I had to fulfill. It still is, but the difference is I enjoy it now. So it does not feel like I am forcing myself.  Back then whenever I cooked, it's either wrong recipe or incorrect measurement. It never tasted right. So I gave up cooking just because I never found the right one. And then I started to feel that I wanna eat better. I don't want to just eat whatever, I want to know what goes into my body. If I prepare it myself, then I know it's good one.  I don't eat too much sugar, sometimes it is hard to buy one thing outside and has a lot of sugar in it. So cooking it myself will allow me to control the amount of sugar. So I found recipes and I tried to make them. As to my surprise, they taste right! Exactly how they should have tasted. That made me happy

Writing, really my hobby

When I was child, I always said that one of my hobbies is writing. I don’t really get what does it mean actually. I just think that if I say my hobby is writing, it sounds so cool. Like an author, writer, or whatever. I don’t realize it, that writing is my hobby. I like to write. I like to write since I was maybe in high school. Just write something that I really want to write. Most of them are what I want to get, like a short term plan. Since I was in college and had my own Sammy (my laptop), it makes me regularly write. Write about something that I saw before, something that suddenly came up in my mind, about things. I write lots. Usually I write and just save it in Sammy. But since 2012 I write and publish in my own blog. I don’t care if no one read my articles. I just love to write. Mostly write about social things or something I’ve done before and just want to share in blog. I never write poems, because I don’t know how to make it and I don’t have good sense of it. So,


Apa yang terlintas dipikiran jika mendengar kata FrontSummer?? Ok, FrontSummer itu nama grup WA kelas kuliah GH09. Sebelumnya sih namanya bukan FrontSummer, tapi akhirnya jadi kesepakatan FrontSummer karena tingkah laku kita yang yaaaa mencerminkan nama itu banget deh. Awalnya di tahun pertama kuliah kita masih yaa bisa dibilang masih berkelompok sih. Masih kurang bisa langsung akrab gitu lah satu sama lain. Tapi lama-lama, tahun demi tahun kita jadi lebih deket lah dari sebelumnya. Ga tau ya kenapa bisa jadi lumer gini, kita “aktif” banget di grup kelas ini. Nah nama sebelum FrontSummer itu banyak banget, ada yang “Calon penghuni surga”, ada juga “Sukses dunia akhirat”, ada lagi yang formal banget “Matematika UM 09” atau “Offering GH09”, dan banyak lagi lainnya, sering diganti-ganti tergantung mood dan trend saat itu. Dan kemudian salah satu member mengganti dengan nama FrontSummer. Alasannya,   kita frontal dan kita mesum jadilah frontsummer hahaha Jadi gini, kenalkan member

Smartphone and our lives

Android based - Smartphone or tablet are familiar in our lives now. People still keep in touch although thousands miles away apart. Many kind of applications that can connect us with other people, such as Line, WhatsApp, Kakao Talk, and many more. I know those applications offered by smartphone make us feel easy to do many things with our smartphone. The first time when I got my smartphone, I said “Sophisticated”.  Yeah that’s right! Sophisticated. I can do many things with my smartphone, I have all my teaching materials in it, I can surfing easily and faster, I can talk to other people by free phone using application, I can share my pictures easily using Instagram (since I like photography), if come to new places I can’t get lost or deceived by taxi driver because I have my GPS hehe. One day I got problem with my smartphone, it can not be turned on and it makes me frustrated. Why? Because I have class and my all materials teaching in smartphone.Ohh,, really I can’t live without my sma

Prambanan #my point of view

Prambanan, who doesn't know this temple? Indonesian for sure know this temple. This Hindu's temple located in Jogjakarta. This was built thousand, maybe more, years ago. Long long long time ago. About 9th century. There is legend about that, people usualy said about Roro Jonggrang that ask thousands of temple to a man who love her but she doesn't. I dont know about that legend, and let it be a legend behind that amazing temple. What I want to say here, about that amazing temple. How come they can built that kind of amazing things? Those are stones. Stones. Very heavy stone. And also there are relief in candi's wall. It has own stories and it's different each others. So, I still can't imagine how great people at that time. Think about something, maybe people can build a house easily, but how to built candi using stones? Still can't imagine about that. They have something to tell from past. We can see how great that kingdom and people there. Hmmm... Maybe th