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Kehidupan Selama Pandemi

Lidah mertua yang selalu gw pindah-pindah lokasi untuk mengejar sinar mentari. Ya gendeng. Gw sadar ada banyak hal berubah sejak pandemi. Banyak hal baik, tapi yaaa nggak sedikit yang eww I wish this pandemic never exist.  Level stres gw udah di level yang bikin gw pengen ke psikolog.  Skipped forward to November 2020 . Gw jadi rajin masak. Meskipun yaaa masih kadang order kalo pas pusing menyerang, tapi masak jadi agenda harian. Yang biasanya masak weekend doang, sekarang beli makanan kalo nggak kuat berdiri dari kasur. Tentu saja selain masak, dengan bantuan Sayurbox gw jadi lebih sering konsumsi buah dan sayur tiap hari. Tak lupa, segala macem vitamin dan minuman-minuman macam Oronamin, bear brand, yakult, dsb. Btw, buah dan sayur di Sayurbox itu murah-murah banget lho sungguhan. Gw jadi rajin yoga. Olahraga kecil-kecilan aja lah yang penting badan gerak dan nggak terlalu kaku. Karena gw lebih aktif di malam hari, jadi gw yoga biasanya sebelum tidur. Semales-malesnya gw yoga, minima

Menghargai hal kecil

For indonesian, what will you do if you have 200, 100 coin? Will you save it? Or dont care about it?? Ahh I bet most of you just dont care about them. Because most of us think that those coins have no value. No meaning. Oh oh.. no! It has! Still remember Prita case? People save their coins to help prita. And we can get about more than 600million rupiah and all in coins. Cant even imagine how many kilograms of coins at that time. See! A small thing if gathered together it would be a big thing. Well.. actually I collect coins and I have lots already. And i use those coins to buy many thing. Well.. I am inspired by a movie scene, he have bugs of coins. And he can use it for traveling from america to europe I guess. That was inspired me. Since then I start to collect coins. For some people it doesnt have any meaning, but for other people it has lots meaning. coin is a small thing. it just like a life. Start from respecting a small thing. Everything are started from small thing. When peo

7 and 2 hours philoshopy (Filosofi mendaki gunung)

Mendaki gunung lewati lembah... sungai mengalir indah ke samudra.. bersama teman bertualang.... #ost ninja hatori Haha... well.. I wont talking about that sountrack. I will write about mountain and life. I think many people already think the same like me, it just I want to record it on my blog. Thats why i write it. I never climb mountains like other climbers. Just a small one, and it already make me feel blessed being born in a very beautiful country. The real climbers always feel addicted to climb higher and higher mountains. I know that feeling. Like a challenge for them. Its not easy to climb a mountain even climb the easiest one. There are always much challenge and trouble during climbing mountain. Need few days to hike some difficult mountain. A friend who just climb on Semeru mt told me that they need 7 hours to reach the top of mountain and only need 2 hours to going back down. Layaknya sebuah kehidupan, can you imagine? What do you really want to reach in life? The best go

Butuh perjuangan lah itu kawan

Well.. I graduated from university. Studied mathematics and finally got the degree. People always said that its a difficult major and how smart I am can study in one of good university and mathematics. Ahh I am not that smart. If only they know what I did on the university test hahaha. But hey it doesnt mean that I was cheating. No! I was just doing mathematics questions hmm maybe 2 questions out of 15. I did well on chemistry part. But math hahaha. Even daddy just saying "Are you crazy? How can you pass the test if you just ... ohhh really. Prepare for private university then".and I told him "No dad... no need to prepare another university. I can pass it. I will. Trust me". Maybe at that time daddy wanna kill me because I was too relax hahaha.. but Alhamdulillah, I can make it really well. Thank God Studying in a good university and mathematics was not easy thing for me. I admit it. Mathematics is difficult for university level. Feel up and down is a common thing