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Cara Update ID Penjamin Visa di Website Imigrasi

Kantor Imigrasi Denpasar Sebagai penjamin visa (Visa kunjungan maupun KITAS nantinya), harus mendaftarkan diri ke website imigrasi. Hal-hal seperti data diri harus didaftarkan agar mendapatkan nomor ID sebagai penjamin. Nah, setelah 3 tahun sejak mendaftarkan diri sebagai penjamin, gw baru sadar kalau alamat rumah sudah berubah, KTP statusnya berubah, KK juga sudah berubah, tapi data masih yang lama sedangkan sudah harus mendaftarkan visa lagi.  Gw cari tombol untuk update profil penjamin di website imigrasi. Nyari muter ternyata nggak ada. Setelah tanya admin imigrasi, ternyata cara mengubah profil tersebut harus dengan mengirimkan email ke kasubdit visa. heheeeee! Setelah gw kirim email dengan format seperti surat formal, eh dibalesnya "mohon sertakan surat permohonan yang bertandatangan di atas materai" wkwkwkwkwkwkwk kenapa nggak sekalian gitu ngomongnya kemaren.  Gw pikir-pikir lagi, mepet nih kalau harus nunggu. Gw daftar ulang aja kali ya sebagai penjamin dg ID baru. E

Sawasdee Bangkok

  my new passport holder yang gw kira bisa diisi sama buku nikah juga biar praktis. ternyata lebih kek sampul  We decided to go to Bangkok on 30 Dec 2017. So we were celebrating new year together, with two other friends as well (Ramy and Paul). They wanted to have a New Year's dinner in a nice restaurant so we found one and hoped it wasn't close yet because we were there around 10 at night. We ordered like everything there, I can't say no to tasty foods (especially if they are not expensive). Only Paul little bit picky to food, so he ordered chicken and chicken and chicken (only few days before he left, he ate crocodile kebab and he said that was tasty). So I listened to everything they are talking about since mostly they talked about things that I don't really know but I enjoyed it because I am good at listening people I guess. And we were done with dinner 15 mins before midnight. The waiter gave us something to celebrate new year. I thought that there will

Happy New Year 2018!

  Happy New Year 2018 everybody! Kinda late huh? I just got back from seeing my husband, so like usual… I stopped all of my activities when I am with my husband. Either blogging or responding messages on my social media (but I don’t stop on Instagraming hehe). That is the way I respect and appreciate my time together with my husband.  So… everybody has made their 2018’s resolutions? I am here to make my own list for 2018. About what I want to do in 2018 : Be healthier, smarter, sexier, happier. It’s like in one package lol Read 2 books every month. I hope I can make it. I really hope in a year I can read at least 24 books. I put this reading challenge on goodreads. I hope it helps. (I am now reading 1984 by George Orwell, already 1/3 of the book). Doing sport. I extremely lazy for doing sport so I hope I can make it and doing this. Write more good stuff. 2 years ago I wanted to write as much as I can. About the quantity, now I want more about quality. I h