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If Money Wasn't The Problem, What Would You Do?

In this extraordinary life, I would be a teacher still.  Helping people to understand even some little things to make them feel worthy and understand themselves better. It seems that teaching has become a calling for me. Not about teaching such specific subject like mathematics or so, but more like... I like to give new perspectives for people, and having them saying "Oh.... I see..." is satisfying for me. Of course, by teaching I can learn so many new perspectives from different people too. It's like the more I teach the more I learn, and that is so true. Maybe more like a guide. I like giving guidance to people who needs it. No, I don't like giving unsolicited guiding. I like to guide people who wants to be guided. I'd teach them how to love, love themselves first. Yea sure when we are talking about things, they would say "do useful things like engineering, plumbing, this and that" but they tend to forget that we need some balance in life. Not saying t

Sang legendaris, Valentino Rossi

Siapa ya tidak tahu Valentino Rossi?? Meskipun bukan penggemar Moto GP, tapi akuyakin banyak yang mengetahui Valentino Rossi meskipun tak mengetahui detailnya. Mamaku meskipun tidak begitu menyukai balapan Moto GP, tapi mama tahu tentang Rossi. Apalagi aku yang penggemar Moto GP sejak SMP sampai sekarang. Rossi sang legendaris, itulah yang biasa kusebut jika berhubungan dengan dirinya. Meskipun aku bukan big fans dari Rossi, tapi aku menaruh respect yang dalam kepadanya. Aku sempat menjadi saksi saat Rossi berkali-berkali menjadi juara dunia, saat itu masih kecil. Rossi masih berlangganan menjadi juara dunia. Rossi saat itupun masih muda, masih memiliki kekuatan jiwa muda. sangat mudah baginya untuk menjadi nomer satu kala itu. Sekarang, Rossi sudah semakin berumur. Mempunyai banyak pesaing baru setiap waktunya, tapi hal itu tidak menurunkan semangatnya dan tidak mengurangi kharismanya.  Saat ini, pembalap yang sedang naik daun dengan keberaniannya di race moto GP yang juga men

Kecintaan sedari dulu

Well... let me tell you about one of my best here. His name is Sunan Andriono. I call him Emon, why? Because he love to see Doraemon since I knew him. I met him in middle high school, 7th grade. We were classmates. He said hi to me first, then we become friend since then. At that time, Siti Nurhaliza (Malay singer) was very famous. I like her too, but not a big fans. But Emon, he really loves Siti. He collected all things about Siti Nurhaliza. Album, Photo, and many things. I was so surprised at that time, and thought "Wow... there is a boy, little boy who admire Siti so much. Wow.. big fans of her". and thought that I don't think there is a little boy admire Siti so much. after Milla wedding In the middle high school, we always went home together. Four of us (with Geby and Milla). Milla also collect some pics of Siti too, so when Milla and Emon talking they just talk about Siti, mostly. Next grade I wasn't their classmate anymore. But Milla and Emon

Mami, papi, mbahku

How are you papi? I miss you today :) I miss your smile. I miss everything on you. If only you still here, what kind of face I will see if you see me come home every weekend and spend time at home with you. I think I will see your happy face :D I just miss you.. Mbah, apa kabar? Been awhile I havent seen grandmother there. But I think she is fine. After you left her, her health condition become worse. She even oneday forget everything. But we try to comfort her. I know, she must be really miss you grandpa. The one who always with her for many years. I only have grandmothers. Mami and mbah putri. Both of my grandfathers passed away. After their husband left them, they become so worse. I mean their health condition. They said, "I lose half of my life". Yes.. I've wrote about that earlier. They already married for many years. Raising 3 kids and 8 kids with their own hands. Never complaint, try to educate their kids to be a good and great kids. Yes they are my grandmother

Reminisce with Sheila on 7

Hey you!!! Are you 90's generation?? Lets recall this! For you Indonesian who was born on 90's must know this band. SHEILA ON 7!!!! yep! you knew it right?? It was so famous at that time It is one of my favorite one since I was kid. Ask them who was born on 90's, "do you remember about SO7?" they wont answer it, they will just singing SO7 songs rather than answer my question hahaha Duta and Eros. The singer and the motor of sheila on 7. great musicians. It doesn't mean that other members not good, they all great Duta, Eros, Adam, Sakti, Anton was the former SO7. Anton and Sakti out, then Brian come to substitute them. It doesn't mater, they still have a great masterpiece. Shepia, Pejantan tangguh, Melompat lebih tinggi, Dan, Kisah Klasik, and many more....    always, remind me about past time Last thursday I get to see them in front of my eyes. Oh God.... Duta who was so so so thin when he were young become more handsome that day.

The differences of Idul Adha between Indonesian and other countries

Selamat hari raya Idul Adha :) So... as a muslim, I have 2 holy days in a year (not only these two but this is the biggest). It is Idul Fitri and Idul Adha (both in Indonesian words).  Idul Fitri means the final day of fasting month, after fasting for 29-30 days. for Indonesian, we always celebrate it so happily. Always visit family, eat with them, everything we do. And here we have about 1-2weeks off to celebrate it. It is so different with Idul Adha. When Idul Adha comes, we have only a day or two days off. not as much as Idul Fitri. and to celebrate it, I am not visit my family.  It just we sacrifice sheep, cow, or camel, or another, then share it with people. Feast. It is not as special as Idul Fitri for us. but still special because our religious time. So... let see the differences between others. In Mohammad prophet era, Idul Adha is more special than Idul Fitri (some said like that), and it is right for other countries but Indonesia. I ask friends from Egypt, Algeria, Turk