Senin, 23 Februari 2015

About teacher

Being a teacher is not something that I really want to be. Have to talk in front of people, it's all about public speaking. I hate that much since I was child. But my dad ask me to be a teacher. He said "Hm you better be a teacher, it is a good career for woman". And I strongly said "NO". I dont want to be a teacher or something like that. I want to have some bussines on my own (I still want to do this one, bussines).

Luckily I become a pure mathematics student in UM. I dont know why even I really I dont know why have to be mathematics, but I was happy. At least its not education field. Yes. Then I graduated from uni and having bachelor of science, wow, I am proud of that *because of any reason I prefer bachelor of science rather than bachelor of education hehe*. And I start to looking for a job and thats teaching ! Oh wow, how can I teach? I dont really like talking in front of lots people.

Day by day I try to enjoy teaching. I become easy to talk in front of people now, I can give them information that I have, I can handle class easily, I can see their smile and laugh everytime, I facing people, I work with human being, I can see their happy face when they understand what I've said, I can see their confuse looking face bc they cant accept material well, I can see their progress very well, I can see everything. Then I realize, I love working with people. With human being. I love it so much. I never getting bored, I have less stress, I enjoy it. Rather than working as officer that have to work with paper or machine.

Another things that I realize is student's respect. Student's respect to teacher. I had a student, she is a year younger than me. Even though she have done her class with me, she still call me 'teacher' outside. For some people, respect to teacher is something that they have to do wherever whenever.

Being a teacher really make me live as human. Never feel flat, always have up and down everytime. Always facing new face and habit. Thats why never getting bored. Being a teacher also good for woman. I have a plan to getting married, I have to think about career that I will have but still have much time to take care my husband and kids. For me, family is number one.