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The Reward of Teaching

Buku belajar Bahasa Indonesia dalam berbagai bahasa. I've become a teacher since semester 9. That being said, my teaching journey started in 2013. Took hiatus for 2 something years then I came back to these exam sheets, students, books, and social interactions. Didn't even want to become one but I fell in love right after I jumped in.  I guess I need to ask to apologize to my dad. I was mad at him a long time ago because he asked me to be one lol. Well, maybe I just didn't like the idea of being a teacher in a class where your students don't even care about you telling stuff in front of the class. That actually made me realize that I prefer to teach whoever wants to learn. Although sometimes I just need to teach without knowing what's their reasons to learn, and that is also fine. I do what I had to do. That is why I hate grading because I don't mind giving them a perfect score but what's the point if they know nothing after the course ended? I never teach a

Series I watch

Let's put Korean drama aside, because that doesn't count. That is still the first list hehe But, I watch another series. Here are the series I watch : Friends.     buzzfeed It is old but I don't know why I love this series since I was at uni. It was once on TV. But recently I watch it from season 1. Now I am on season 4 of it. This series is just crazy. Like a real life and show me a lot of things that I feel it just happen now but actually it already happen years ago. I just simply like it and I slowly like Chandler and Joey haha. And of course the 'I'll be there for you' . What is crazy thing is they got paid USD 21,000/episode in their first season and the last season they get paid USD 1 Milion per episode. Crazy huh? The Flash. I am in love with Barry Allen. Well the one in this series, not the one in Justice League. I was kinda disappointed by that because that is not Barry that I want to see lol. Season 1 and 2 w

Gagal Diving

  I was doubting for awhile to take diving course because : I can't swim properly, I am afraid of deep down underwater (because it is dark), and I am afraid of accidentally meet the sharks. But then I said yes for that. Why? Because this experience you couldn't take when you have babies lol. At least I tried to open to a new thing that I was so afraid of. Lebih tepatnya parno sih. We spent our first day watched video about diving, explanation and this and that. Dry. Well.. I mean you sit down for hours, watching and listening to diving theories and stuff. Dry, tiring, and make us sleepy after lunch. Kinda slow for that... because we stop it when we saw deer approaching us and focus on taking photo of them 😜 and also it consist of 5 parts and loonngg.     So first day, exhausted and fun 😛 Second day, supposed to practice in a pool for whole theory we watched, but end up only 2 parts (incomplete pula). Why? Again, here, it is me, slow slow. Well.. first she t

Menyatu Bersama Menjangan

  regular visitor Hore! Udah ketemu suami, udah fully charged. Hmmm nggak ding, nggak full banget soalnya saya sakit 😢 Tanggal 11 kemarin, HJ pilih untuk terbang langsung ke Bali. Dubai - Bali, rencananya sih pake Emirates tapi jam yang masuk akal itu Singapore air, jadilah pake SQ. Stopover singkat di Singapore, dia berburu tas yang udah lama diincar di Dubai ternyata sold out, nemu di Spore. Thanks to Desi dan Andri yang udah mau muter buat ngecek availability nya tas itu. Nah saya nyampe Bali jam 10 pagi, HJ nyampe jam 11. Kata dia antri customnya panjang banget, jadi nunggu gitu, sejam kok ndak keluar-keluar ya... ternyata kopernya ga kebawa. Dua jam ditunggu tetep nggak ada kopernya. Akhirnya dia bikin laporan ke SQ kalo kopernya nggak keangkut. Yaudah deh saya nunggu lamaan lagi ya, eh tiba-tiba dia nongol geret kopernya juga. Untungnya kopernya diangkut penerbangan dari Singapore ke Bali yang nyampe jam 12. Tapi karena delay itu dia dapet kompensasi 500ribu, sembari

Merinding di Basilica Cistern

  lonelyplanet Basilica cistern has become one of the spookiest place for me. If you see the pictures on google search, you will think like 'Oh wow nice.. yellowish inside'. In fact, it is dark. DARK. For me who have a bad sight, it is dark. Imagine you are having a candle light dinner (atau nyalain lilin sebiji pas mati lampu demi menerangi satu rumah gede). I went there two times. First with HJ, second time with parents in law. Ticket was Lira 20. First impression was 'wow... great... wow...' and then 'uhh why is so dark here?' then 'pakkkkkkk auh my feet hit something. I barely see anything' (Lebay sih). But it was like that. Did you watch Inferno? This place is on Inferno's scene. (I didn't watch Inferno actually, I knew it from HJ lol). It is impressive inside. A water tank, uhmm yea let say water tank, underground water tank was built around 3rd and 4th century. It is located close to Ayasofya, around 5-10 mins walking. Especial