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If Money Wasn't The Problem, What Would You Do?

In this extraordinary life, I would be a teacher still.  Helping people to understand even some little things to make them feel worthy and understand themselves better. It seems that teaching has become a calling for me. Not about teaching such specific subject like mathematics or so, but more like... I like to give new perspectives for people, and having them saying "Oh.... I see..." is satisfying for me. Of course, by teaching I can learn so many new perspectives from different people too. It's like the more I teach the more I learn, and that is so true. Maybe more like a guide. I like giving guidance to people who needs it. No, I don't like giving unsolicited guiding. I like to guide people who wants to be guided. I'd teach them how to love, love themselves first. Yea sure when we are talking about things, they would say "do useful things like engineering, plumbing, this and that" but they tend to forget that we need some balance in life. Not saying t

The First 365 Days

Dearest husband,  Hari ini, 365 hari yang lalu, aku tak lagi tanggungjawab ayahku. Namun beralih ketanganmu, suamiku. Satu tahun pertama, membawa tantangan yang luar biasa edan. Kata orang, tahun pertama adalah tahun yang rawan. Bisa dibilang, tahun penyesuaian. Makin lama makin banyak sifat yang muncul. Banyak gesekan, banyak selisih paham, banyak perbedaan. Hingga terbesit pertanyaan, Apakah kita bisa bertahan? Memang benar apa kata orang, pernikahan ibarat kapal ditengah lautan. Kadang badai menerjang, kadang pula lautan tenang. Banyak berselisih paham bukan berarti tak sayang. Semakin lama semakin membuat kita paham. Apa dan bagaimana arti serta kemauan pasangan. Tak ringan tentu saja. Ibarat kata, ini nano-nano. Rame rasanya. Manis, pedes, asem, gurih, asin, tawa, canda, air mata, semuanya jadi satu. Kompromi menjadi satu hal penting dalam hal ini. Kadang dia yang mengalah, kadang pula aku yang mengalah. Aku bukanlah istri yang sempurna untukmu sayang. Aku tidak bis

Watch Your Mouth People!

  mungkin lebih cocok kalau ganti mouth dengan finger Now since we live in 'social media' life, everything can be exposed online whether you like it or not. We can't deny that social media take part in our lives. And most people love to 'share' their life on social media. Some people share even the detail of their lives but some are use it only for fun or limited. The thing is, when everything are exposed, it means indirectly you give 'permission' to them to criticize your life or let them leave comment on your life. And most problems coming from irresponsible people who doesn't even watch their mouth. Few months ago, a rubbish online media misused my picture with H for something that wasn't even our own story. They use it for unrelated picture and story. Apparently the story was about Indonesian girl (TKI) screwed a white guy, got pregnant, but married her Indonesian husband to cover it up. They blurred the picture, so it make us like the

News Today

So today I got two different news. Sad and good news. Sad news was I've heard two people died. One is good friend of my parents, the other one was nephew of my friend. Although I am not that close with tho who died, I can feel their lost. The other happy news was two best friends of mine are getting pregnant in same time. It's great to know it. The other one was having her second, and the other one was having her first since she got married last month. Great for them 😊

Unexpected Layover In Brunei

So, canceled our flight back from Bangkok to Denpasar with Thai Airways, then try to find other flight back with reasonable price. I remembered that I was browsing for Royal Brunei before I fly to Bangkok and the price is the cheapest one among other airlines. We can’t really say this is a budget airlines but also not as great as other airlines. It was ok, almost same like GA without movie screen. So it’s like in the middle. We found one flight (apparently they have their own flying schedule) from Bangkok to Denpasar on 9 January (we planned to get back on 8 Jan) with layover in Brunei for 4 hours. I read about layover in Brunei and it seems that we can see the city for 2 hours. So let me tell you, Brunei airport is small. I need less than 20 mins to get out from airplane until immigration. Literally get out to the taxi spot. The immigration staff was the friendliest for me. He asked me where to stay in Brunei because I didn’t write any and I told him that I just trans