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Who Am I?

I am just a woman who are passionate in learning new things. People are born with basic skills in life and one of my basic skill in life that I am so proud about is never lied about the taste of food. Lie about the food's taste is a crime! I am not gonna do that. But anyway, is that even a skill? 

I'll be super cranky when I am hungry. Never try to ask or talk to me when you see me hungry. 

Yes I am in love with food. Food always come first 💕

Other than that, I am good at: cursing people 😂. Yes I am serious lol. Ok, yes I am good at investigating. I have a good sense at sensing something fishy or lies. Perhaps, I should work as an investigator in the future. I don't attack people unless you attack me first. But, I always bring my sword. So be careful, you might be attacked by me using what you have said or done 😝 Do not cross the line, do not touch my people is the rule. Just don't!

I am not a morning person. I am not a morning person. Yes, I am not a morning person. 

Random things I have in mind: wanna pet a lion, love to buy books and have no idea when to read, imagining had a previous life in Istanbul hundred years ago, and I have more random things in mind.

Things I am afraid of: being stupid or know nothing. 

I am annoyed by silly not-important typo. I am annoyed easily by almost everything so don't worry.

What is the purpose of this blog? 

Time flies and I want people to get something when they stopped by here. I am taking your time to read my blog so I hope you get something in return. I'll be writing more about financial or investment, education, history (or physics for fun), environment and eco friendly options, as well as easy light daily life things. As this blog also records what I have in mind, then I hope my future kids can learn something from here or knowing what kind of person I am. 

Leaving your thoughts here means a lot for me. Let's connect.


Have a great day, greeting from sunny Bali. 


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