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Who Am I?
I am just an ordinary Indonesian who always have passion in learning new things. Easy to adapt in new place, love to write, love to take photos, love to stare at stars at night, love history and historical places (old and ancient stuff), love to eat and now busy to learn Dutch (my husband is Dutch and I need to learn his language). 

 My grandma name me Prisca Aditya Putri. Prisca is short of Priscilia (I heard that the meaning of Priscilia is 'ancient'), while Aditya is Sanskrit (means Sun, which I don't really like to face the sunlight too much, but my fiance (back then) told me that I have Sunny characters 😍), and Putri is girl as you know. technically, the meaning of my name is truly me. A girl who has sunny characters that love something old, vintage even ancient stuff 😂😂.  Being born in August, believe it or not, it makes me like a lion and really wanna pet a lion. Cute right? To pet the lion at home.

What is the purpose of this blog? 
This blog is my online journal. I love to write and taking photos, so I decided to write down what I am thinking about and put my photos here. As I want my kids, grandkids, great grandkids know me better by reading this online journal of mine. This blog is a place to express what I feel and think. Sharing is caring. Who knows that my writings could inspire the readers. I do appreciate for your time to stop by here.

The reason I name this blog silverestrella can be read here

If you find this blog helps you even just a bit, leave me your thoughts on comment box. If you find this blog need to be revised to be better, don't hesitate to leave me something by email (maybe if you want to write longer) to :





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