Senin, 08 Februari 2016

Dont put on too much make up

When a girl in love, she must be look different right? Look different because she will smile all day all night and spend much money on buying cosmetics *its not me really, I spent too much always on treatmen*.

At least, when she go on dating, she will put on lipstick, a bit eyeliner or mascara. Thats the simplest make up ever. But when the one that she dates seeing her put on lipstick, he just said "Hun.. why are you putting on too much lipstick?". She replied, "its not much, its normal". And he said "its not normal, you put on too much. Dont do that hun. You are perfect without it".

Nahh siapa yg nggak melting?
When I try to look beautiful and different, he just tell us to stop put on make up too much. For me, its not too much. I mean thats the normal simple make up for me. But for him, he thinks that I have too much make up on me. He dont like it. He said I am better without *boong ya?*

Pure face with no make up will look so much better and maybe innocent.

Not everyone thinks the same, it just for me he dont want to see me on make up too much. So really thank God because I dont have to apply eyeshadow, and this and that on my face because I am not good at doing that. But there are a lot of men who want to see their girls like a clown *oops! Dont mean it. I mean too much make up on face*.

So yea, I have to thank him for understand me without me telling him so hehe

Have a good sleep :)

*but hun, really, lipstick is normal and a must for me. At least to keep my lips moist while you are away *oops* hehehe



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