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Romanticizing My Cooking

Bakso I have to admit that my love for cooking is growing. It's growing and I can't believe it myself. This feeling has been like this since probably two years ago. Before, cooking felt like a hard work that I had to fulfill. It still is, but the difference is I enjoy it now. So it does not feel like I am forcing myself.  Back then whenever I cooked, it's either wrong recipe or incorrect measurement. It never tasted right. So I gave up cooking just because I never found the right one. And then I started to feel that I wanna eat better. I don't want to just eat whatever, I want to know what goes into my body. If I prepare it myself, then I know it's good one.  I don't eat too much sugar, sometimes it is hard to buy one thing outside and has a lot of sugar in it. So cooking it myself will allow me to control the amount of sugar. So I found recipes and I tried to make them. As to my surprise, they taste right! Exactly how they should have tasted. That made me happy

Time runs so fast

Tomorrow is 2016. Time runs so fast. I still remember the first day on 2015, I felt that “Okay.. it gonna be next 12 months”. But time runs so fast. So fast. I felt it’s still January, but yesterday I realize that it is December already. Oh well..   What had happened in 2015? As a life, there are always 2 opposite things. Like happiness and sadness. Like black and white. Like up and down. I felt it much. I remember when I went to Jakarta 2 times in a month. I moved to a new place, a place that wouldn’t be my choice but now I am used to it *unless, someone who always ask me to resign and move back to my lovely place*. First half of year 2015 was great. And next half of year 2015, problems comes one by one. No use to write the problems but yeah problem just a problem. Also I have to wait more… ok.. no problem *it used to be a problem, but now*. I did cried a lot and more often than usual. Just to release the burdens. My mind couldn’t remember all of things that had happened in 2015.

Walking in Malang and Surabaya

Ok.. now I want to write about safety level of walking in Malang and Surabaya Well.. I love to walk. I often walking. Why? Because I am lazy to exercise so this is the only one simple sport that I can do everyday hahaha *an excuse* When I was in Malang, I walked a lot. Walking to campus, to my work place, to closest mall, even to somewhere that located a bit far from my place. I love to walk when I was in Malang. Because Malang air always refreshing and it is safe to walk everytime even at midnight *I did it often*. Yeah this is the simplest exercise that people can do. I walked at least 30mins a day, if I am not going anywhere. But I did more than that. Especially after raining, hmmm Malang is so beautiful and the best thing that you can do is walking enjoying Malang. And now... I am staying in Surabaya. I tried to walk, but everytime I walk I feel like people look at me and feel like "hey, who are you walking on my area!",  and never feel safe. People always talk to me

I am still the same

Now I found the reason why I really love to be under the rain. Last night mom told me about how I love the rain drops. When I was kid, daddy was riding motorbike, and I sat in front. For some people, it is not safe. But for me, it is interesting. A lot. When raining, and I sat in front, I always love to feel the raindrops on my hands and face even sometimes “drink” it. It is totally fine and fun. Well.. maybe dad and mom just a bit angry to me. They thought that it is not safe to ‘drink’ the raindrops. But I love it, even now. I mean I don’t drink it anymore, I just feel the raindrops on my hands, my face. I thought it is only I was kid that’s why I love under the rain. Every kids love it. I remember that I love to do it. But it is the thing that I always do when raining now. It is like healing. What kind of healing? From stress, from everything. When I feel that I need to be alone, to introspect myself, raining will be the best thing for me. feel the raindrops always be the best ti

Mamaku wonder woman

If you ask me, who is the one you adore in your life? Well.. the answer will be that answer only, mama. I adore her very much. She is super hero in my life, super woman, super and so super. Why? Still asking why? Mama is the one who deliver me to the world. She brought me on her belly for more than 9 months and giving birth, vaginal birth, that must be so much in pain. She need more than 9 hours to feel the pain. I am her oldest so it must be so hard to have baby for the first time. She dedicate her life to be a housewife to take care of husband and daughters. She is fulltime housewife. Although she breastfeed me only for months *and people said I am cow daughter*, I know that must be hard not to breastfeed me. She always be so careful in taking care of me because I am her oldest one. I gave her first experience in taking care of baby. And of course giving her tiresome days even now. She never treat me like a princess. She always ask and teach me to be a strong girl like her. She t

Ah demo buruh lagi

Hai… lagi-lagi menyoal pendidikan ya. Lagi demo buruh dimana-mana, minta UMK dinaikin. Udah setuju dinaikkan, tapi kebijakan yang dihasilkan dinilai merugikan para buruh. Pemerintah dipandang lebih mementingkan dan memihak pengusaha. Katanya sih begitu. Tapi kurang paham juga. Pada beberapa kasus ada pengusaha yang keberatan menaikkan upah buruh, namun ada juga yang menyanggupi menaikkan upah buruh dengan syarat dan ketentuan. Syaratnya apa? “Oke, gaji elu gue naikin tapi sebagian dari elo gue PHK”. Nahh… gimana ini ? bagaimana jika menghadapi hal seperti ini? Dengan diberhentikannya sebagian buruh, akan semakin menambah beban kerja para buruh lainnya. Walaupun gaji naik namun beban kerja lebih tinggi. Itu kalau menurutku adalah “gak ada bedanya gaji naik ataupun nggak”. Memang beberapa pengusaha merupakan usaha skala kecil menengah, bukan kelas tinggi. Karena kalau kelas tinggi seperti perusahaan multinasional atau bahkan internasional, mereka akan membayar pegawainya diatas garis U

Investasi waktu

Terlahir sebagai cucu pertama bagi kakek nenekku (orangtua dari ibu). Kakek nenekku yang memang dipanggil papi dan mami sangat memanjakanku sebagai cucu kesayangan dan tinggal bersamaku. Aku sangat akrab dan dekat dengan mereke berdua. Dimanjakan mereka adalah hal biasa meskipun aku tidak terlalu manja sebagai cucu. Lebih sering membantah semua perkataan mereka karena merasa apapun yang kulakukan, meskipun salah akan tetap didukung dan dicintai mereka. Setidaknya mereka tidak akan menyalahkanku. Mungkin di sisi itulah aku manja dan merasa memanfaatkan kasih sayang mereka yang berlebih. Ketika aku kelas 1 SMA, papi sakit parah hingga harus opname beberapa minggu di rumah sakit. Setelah sembuh pun papi tidak segera pulang kerumah karena harus menjalani masa penyembuhan dirumah tante yang kebetulan bekerja sebagai tenaga medis. Setelah beberapa saat sembuh, akhirnya papi pulang kerumah. Malam hari tanggal 1 Januari 2007. Tapi malam tahun baru itupun aku tidak bisa menikmati hari libur

Sumpah Pemuda

Kami putra dan putri Indonesia mengaku bertumpah darah yang satu, tanah air Indonesia Kami putra dan putri Indonesia mengaku berbangsa yang satu, bangsa Indonesia Kami putra dan putri Indonesia menjunjung bahasa persatuan, bahasa Indonesia Ada yang ingat itu apa?? Sebagai pemuda pemudi Indonesia pastinya mengetahui lahh ketiga pernyataan hebat tersebut. Iya, SUMPAH PEMUDA Sumpah pemuda yang diucapkan pada tanggal 28 Oktober 1928 silam. Tonggak perjuangan bangsa. Semangat dalam memperjuangkan kemerdekaan bangsa. Ya. Pemuda selalu memiliki semangat yang kadang terlampau menggebu. Bertumpah darah satu, tumpah darah indonesia. Sampai matipun akan kupertahankan nama bangsaku ini. Kalo ada yang tanya kenapa cinta indonesia yang “seringkali terlihat” tidak baik ? Sekarang pertanyaan itu ssya balikin, kenapa cinta sama suami/istri kalian? Apa mereka sempurna tanpa kekurangan?? Tidak ada yang sempurna kan. Mencintai kelebihan dan kekurangannya. Berbangsa satu, bangsa Indonesia. Indones

Ceplas ceplos

Be honest, I was dreaming to work in an international company since I was kid. Like being a career woman in a great company is always look amazing and great. Always wearing a beautiful clothes, shoes, and got paid very well. Well.. that was me who just seeing something by its look. Doesn’t know the essential value. I was nothing, didn’t know anything about life, about stuff and things in life. About what makes us happy. Just yeah, it like better to stay in a comfort zone. And I really don’t like being a teacher. Because when seeing my father and his whole family, are all teacher (mostly), that make me feel like “Hmm boring, having a family and most of all are teacher”. That was when I didn’t know anything in life, didn’t know the value of life Then few years later, when I start to think about everything more globally, I see that everything changes. Everything turn in opposite. I start to fall in love with teaching. Fall in love with students. Fall in love with the time when inform a


Quarreling like other couple do, yeah we did it Debating about some stuff, sure we did it too Too much things that we often debate of Not even small things, but serious things Yes, because we have different way of thinking Everyone does Angry? Yes a bit Tired? Oh yes of course The basic thing that we always talk about, often end up with debating and quarreling Didn’t talk to each other for several days, sure it often happen But after several days, you talk to me, Smile again to me, That smile, never fail to make me fall for you Again and again  #ini ceritanya kayak sok galo gitu. Padahal juga kagak hahaha

Cerita Gojek #1

Jadi ceritanya ini baru pertama kali gojek. Pertama kali pulang dari surabaya sendirian, naik bis. Ga tau kanan kiri harus naik apa dari kos sampe terminal, akhirnya pengen cobain gojek de ya. Tereeettt... aplikasi uda di tablet jauh2 hari, tp belom pernah cobain. Jadi yaaa coba la gojek pertama kali. Pesen. Bismillah submit. Selesai submit langsung ditelpon sama abang gojeknya. "Mbak, tunggu ya, saya menuju sana. Sebenta kok" "Oh ok pak sip" Nunggulah aku kira2 5menit. Selang itu ditelpon lagi bapaknya bilang "mbak saya uda di *somewhere*,ini saya jalan kemana ya harusnya?" WHAT???? MANA GUE TAU HARUS KEMANA. Tujuannya pesen gojek biar kemana2 tinggal jalan aja, orang juga baru sebulan di surabaya. Plisss deh ya Akhirnya dengan kemampuan yg sangat amat terbatas tentang surabaya, aku jelasin lah itu dimana lokasiku. "Bapak tau kantor *ini* ?" "Oiya mbak, tau" "Yaudah pak diseblah kantor itu kan ada jalan gede, nah lwat situ

Ingin maju? Berpendidikanlah!

Kita sering salah kaprah dengan pentingnya pendidikan. Terlebih lagi dengan wanita yg berpendidikan tinggi, slalu dianggap sebelah mata. Kenapa? Karena wanita itu kerjanya didapur. Sekolah sampai sarjana juga percuma kalo pada akhirnya Cuma jadi ibu rumah tangga aja, gak kerja. HEY YOU GUYS OR PEOPLE OUTSIDE THERE!!! Jangan pernah remehkan wanita yg berpendidikan tinggi. Justru kalian harus bangga jika bersama dengan wanita seperti itu karena dialah nantinya yang akan menjadi guru pertama bagi anak2mu. Menjadi seorng guru sangatlah tidak mudah dan penuh tantangan. Untuk itu diperlukan guru yang berpendidikan. Tidak perlu sangat pintar, tapi haruslah mampu menyampaikan ilmu. Apapun itu ilmunya. Generasi muda jika dididik dan diberikan pemahaman yang baik dan benar, maka akan tumbuh dengan benar pula generasi bangsa itu. Ok dalam hal ini baik benar salah dan tidak baik adalah hak masing-masing setiap orang. Tapi dalam hal ini jika saya mengatakan buang sampah sembarangan, apakah itu ba

Saatnya mengubah orientasi

Orang sering salah mengartikan jika bersekolah nanti kau harus menyelesaikannya dengan tepat dan lulus dengan nilai yang bagus. Dulu saya memang seperti itu. Dulu saya sangat memandang kalau nilai yang bagus akan membawa dampak yg bagus. Iya memang, tapi itu bonus. Itu bukan tujuan utama orang bersekolah. Jika saja mereka tau dan menyadarinya. Nilai yang bagus, lulus kuliah dengan predikat kumlot, menjadi juara internasional, jelas menjadi satu kebanggan tersendiri bagi seseorang, atau sebut saja orangtua. Orangtua seringkali menginginkan anaknya menjadi juara kelas dan mendapatkan nilai terbaik. Pola pikir yang seperti itu menjadikan kita salah jalan. Salah jalan gimana maksudnya? Yang kita kejar hanya nominal, bukan intisarinya. Nilai tentu saja menjadi barometer penilaian tingkat pemahaman siswa. Tapi lagi-lagi itu bukan tujuannya. Nilai bagus itu bonus kawan. Saya ingat betul kata guru saya, beliau mengatakan “kowe arep njaluk nilai piro? Ngomongo ae, aku lo nilai gak kulakan. Ni

Yuk belajar mencintai negeri

Mengantri! Semua pasti tau kan mengantri itu apa? Tapi kalo bisa dibilang, aku adalah orang yg anti mengantri dan anti menunggu. Eiits.. tapi jangan salah. Anti mengantri disini maksudnya bukan berarti aku suka serobot antrian orang ya. Aku anti mengantri, tp lebih anti lagi kalo antrianku diserobot orang. Gimana mau gak emosi, udah antri panjang2 ehh diserobot orang. Mampus dah. Aku punya temen yg anti mengantri. Selagi kalo bisa diserobot, ya manfaatkan kesempatan menerobos dong, itu adalah dalihnya. Aku gak setuju lah, bayangin aja gimana rasanya kalo kita udah antri lama2 trus diserobot orang? Sebel kan! Gak suka tho? Nah... makanya itu, kan lebih enak menghargai hak orang lain dan budayakan mengantri dan tertib. Ada masalah yg lainnya disekitar sini? Ada jelas. Masalah sederhana lainnya, buang sampah sembarangan. Ahaaa itu masalah dari jaman nenek moyang masih remaja. Soal sampah, udah berkali2 dan udah bosen deh ngingetin orang2 yg kadang dia mengaku pecinta alam, suka mendaki

Education system

Discussing about education is never end. Why? Because there are a lot of changes in education system. We always want to find and execute the best system in education. Good education means good development. A developed country, most of them, have a good education system. Although there are some “mistakes” in students while using those kind of good system, but what people noted is “This country has a good education system”. I have a great interest in education life. Here, lots people say that we don’t have a good system of education. Really? Yeah I think so hahaha.. So.. let say that we are still working on arranging good system of education. We cant blame the government or people who responsible in education. It is not a  good habit always blaming others. And me, I don’t know it is blaming or just add more burdens to them, this is my way of thinking about education. Simply said, I studied mathematics in university. I didn’t study about pedagogic, but I know some points in this mathema

Menghargai hal kecil

For indonesian, what will you do if you have 200, 100 coin? Will you save it? Or dont care about it?? Ahh I bet most of you just dont care about them. Because most of us think that those coins have no value. No meaning. Oh oh.. no! It has! Still remember Prita case? People save their coins to help prita. And we can get about more than 600million rupiah and all in coins. Cant even imagine how many kilograms of coins at that time. See! A small thing if gathered together it would be a big thing. Well.. actually I collect coins and I have lots already. And i use those coins to buy many thing. Well.. I am inspired by a movie scene, he have bugs of coins. And he can use it for traveling from america to europe I guess. That was inspired me. Since then I start to collect coins. For some people it doesnt have any meaning, but for other people it has lots meaning. coin is a small thing. it just like a life. Start from respecting a small thing. Everything are started from small thing. When peo

7 and 2 hours philoshopy (Filosofi mendaki gunung)

Mendaki gunung lewati lembah... sungai mengalir indah ke samudra.. bersama teman bertualang.... #ost ninja hatori Haha... well.. I wont talking about that sountrack. I will write about mountain and life. I think many people already think the same like me, it just I want to record it on my blog. Thats why i write it. I never climb mountains like other climbers. Just a small one, and it already make me feel blessed being born in a very beautiful country. The real climbers always feel addicted to climb higher and higher mountains. I know that feeling. Like a challenge for them. Its not easy to climb a mountain even climb the easiest one. There are always much challenge and trouble during climbing mountain. Need few days to hike some difficult mountain. A friend who just climb on Semeru mt told me that they need 7 hours to reach the top of mountain and only need 2 hours to going back down. Layaknya sebuah kehidupan, can you imagine? What do you really want to reach in life? The best go

Merah putih sampai mati

Tanah airku Indonesia. Negeri elok amat kucinta. Tanah tumpah darahku yg mulia. Yang kupuja spanjang masa. Indonesia tanah air beta. Pusaka abadi nan jaya. Indonesia sejak dulu kala. Tetap dipuja puja bangsa. Disana tempat lahir beta. Dibuai dibesarkan bunda. Tenpat berlindung dihari tua. Sampai akhir menutup mata. Dirgahayu Indonesiaku yang ke 70 tahun. 17 8 45. 70 tahun sudah. Sudahkah kita merdeka sepenuhnya? Merdeka dari penjajahan tak terlihat dari negeri orang, merdeka dari kemiskinan, merdeka dari kebodohan, merdeka dari semua hal buruk yang mengikat kita? Bisakah kita? Indonesia adalah negara besar. Negara yang benar2 besar secara penampakan dan seharusnya besar disegala sisi. Kita pernah sangat disegani dunia luar. Dunia luarpun takut kepada kita. Kita seharusnya bisa menjadi negara hebat, bahkan lebih hebat dari yang pernah kita alami. Membangun negeri ini, bukan berarti menutup pintu dari dunia internasional. Berjaya dikancah internasional adalah salah satu bentuk majuny

Happy birthday Papi

Like usual, august 14 always be my special day because its your day. The day you were born. Happy birthday papi. I wish I could see you in your 70s but it just my wish... Although you arent arround, you are still alive in the deepest of our heart. Well.. what can I tell you in your birthday? I feel like I am getting closer to my dreams. You never know my dreams but I told you many times about it. Another wish, just wish that you are still here with us. Will you be proud of me? I am 24 years old now. Old enough right? Hehehe.. maybe you will ask me to married even before my 24 hehehe.. Dont worry, I am gonna take my Mr.right to see you and let you know that he is the best one for me, to take care of me. Hmm.. mami was sick few times ago, but she can bear it really well. She got discharged from hospital soon and recover very well. She is now in onyo's house of course. we made a video call last week I guess, and she looks very happy and active again -you know what is active definiti

Sharing experiences

Lots people write things on their own blog. Even it just a small and prrsonal thing, but they write it here. I do that too. Its not for showing off, it just for sharing. Sharing experiences. Kadang kita punya lah ya beberapa hal personal yang ga bisa ditanyain ke orang lain secara langsung, because its too personal but they wany to find the answer. Yah caranya ya search, browsing, apa lagi ? Banyak hal yang didapatkan dari sekedar iseng browsing atau emang serius cari jawaban. Aku aja beberapa kali "riset online" sebelum ngelakuin sesuatu. Karena dari riset itu bisa nemuin gambaran sebelum melakukan sesuatu. Seperti ya, pas aku mau ke mana gitu naik kereta api. Karena ga pernah naik kereta api, jadinya ya cari tau dulu pengalaman orang yang pernah naik kereta api. Kadang ngerasa "ih iseng banget sih orang ini nulis hal gak penting gini". Eiitss tunggu dulu! Gak penting karena kita gak nyari. Penting banget buat orang yang nyari. Aduh udah deh ya, semua hal itu terg

Mengemis = mental miskin

Story of pengemis... Kita sudah banyak mengetahui modus yg digunakan pengemis2 selama ini. Kadang ada rasa kasian ketika melihat orang tua renta meminta2, "terlihat" memprihatinkan, tak berdaya, ingin rasanya memberi.. tapi tiba2 terbesit dalam hati "iya kalo beneran minta2? Kalo bukan?? Kalo ternyata dia lebih kaya dari kita gimana?". Nahh... ada memang pkiran semacam itu. Tapi ada juga pikiran yg "yaudahlah kasih aja, rejeki orang mana ada yg tau jalannya dari mana. Kali aja dg kita kasih ke mereka, rejeki kita jadi lancar, who knows yaa". Namun ada kalanya juga yg menurutku nyebelin banget nih ya "aduh pngn ngasih tp kok hatinya setengah2 gini. Nggak deh", laa tiba2 si pengemis itu menghina mencaci kita "ya allah mbak, kok medit, wes ngene kok gak gelem ngekeki tho mbak mbak". Nahahh kalo ada yg kayak gitu, percaya deh gueh kalo dia cuman modus. Ntah modus apa yg jelas itu smakin buat respect-ku ilang. Tadinya kasian, ya ilang deh a

Jam berpuasa stabil -- indonesia

Alhamdulillah. Allah masih memberikan kemudahan bagi orang indonesia ketika berpuasa. Kalau bisa saya sebut, indonesia merupakan negara yang stabil ketika berpuasa. Apapun musimnya, kita selalu berpuasa selama 12-13 jam. Itu terbilang mudah jika dibandingkan dg negara 4 musim yg bisa melalui puasa selaam 17 jam bahkan 22 lebih. Satu kata, Alhamdulillah. Yaa.. ini adalah bentuk kasih sayang Allah kepada kita :)

Marathon Malang - Jakarta -Jogjakarta -Malang

I went to Jakarta by train. Here I will tell about the price that I spent for this trip. I didnt buy many  things. I just spent the money for trasportation and eat. I admit it. This is not the best price that I can spent, but it might help you who will travel like me. Starting point : Malang I go to Jakarta by Majapahit train. Go to Jakarta at about 6.25 pm and arrive at like 10 am. *but mine was late*. It cost about 265k because we reserved the ticket about 3 days before we go. It was economic train but it has combination of 2-2 seat possition. You know, the standart economic train seat. Its different with Matarmaja train which has combination of 2-3 seat. It is much comfortable to sit or sleep in Majapahit train. The rest room also cleaner than Matarmaja. Of course, we paid 2 times than matarmaja, so we will have some comfort things. Overall its better. *ibaratnya nih ya, kaki diselonjorin panjang itu bisa banget* Aha! About the price list of foods in train, I will post it separat

Uang atau Kepuasan batin

Jika semua hal dinilai dari materi atau finansial, secara otomatis orang akan menganggap apa yang aku lakukan sekarang sangatlah kurang dari sisi finansial. Yah kalau dinilai dari sisi itu juga aku mendapatkan gaji yang cukup sebenarnya. Tapi sebagian orang mengatakan itu kurang. Hmm I dont think so Jadi mengajar sebenarnya bukan suatu hal yang kuinginkan tetapi sudah menjadi hal yang bersahabat bagiku dan aku menyadari memang aku menikmati profesiku sebagai pengajar ini. Sebagai seorang pengajar yang tidak terikat waktu seperti di sekolah, masih bebas melakukan apapun tanpa terhalang jadwal mengajar seperti di sekolah, aku juga bisa berkembang banyak di sini, kemampuan bahasaku meningkat dan aku bisa mengaplikasikan ilmu matematikaku. Siapa sangka akhirnya aku juga berhasil memiliki buku yang diterbitkan dan dijual di toko-toko buku yang keren. *karena menurutku toko buku itu selalu keren*. Jika menelisik sedikit lebih jauh, aku memang memiliki keinginan untuk menjadi penulis dan me


Allright..... Karena tulisan ini tidak dimuat di koran lokal, akhirnya akan saya muat di laman pribadi saya. Kali aja bisa bantu-bantu nambah informasi sodara-sodara yang mau ambil tes ini. Tes TOPIK yang ke-40 diadakan di Jakarta pada tanggal 26 April 2015. Tes TOPIK ini merupakan tes kemampuan Bahasa Korea yang diadakan di Indonesia 2 kali dalam satu tahun. Biasanya tes TOPIK diselenggarakan pada bulan April dan September. Tes ini merupakan tes yang perlu diambil ketika bertujuan untuk melanjutkan pendidikan kita di Korea Selatan. Tes TOPIK gelombang I diadakan di Jakarta, sedangkan untuk gelombang II diadakan di Jakarta dan Jogjakarta *menurut salah seorang peserta* Meskipun sama-sama merupakan tes kemampuan untuk Bahasa Korea, namun tes TOPIK berbeda dengan tes EPS-TOPIK. EPS-TOPIK merupakan tes yang diperlukan untuk menguji kemampuan berbahasa bagi calon tenaga kerja yang akan bekerja di Korea Selatan. EPS-TOPIK hanya diadakan satu kali dalam satu tahun dengan tempat

Do the best

Studied mathematics at university then graduated and teaching Korean actually make me little bit hmm disappointed. I know that nothing useless when we learn something, but seems hmm where should I apply my mathematics?? Slowly but sure I have a lot of Korean classes. Yes I am not that expert in Korean, still lack of it. But I learn many things from those classes. Then one day, I have a mathematics class, for junior high school. So I teach Korean and mathematics. But then when that mathematics class done, I only teach Korean class again. *feel insecure hahah* Then I got another job. Making a book in a team, and I work on the mathematics part. That book have been published. I am very happy because it is my very first national book -even work with team, even I have another module which have been published too by Mayantara publisher. Then slowly but sure, I have another job, making mathematics problem again. It will be publish later, with team again. When I show my book to my parents,

About teacher

Being a teacher is not something that I really want to be. Have to talk in front of people, it's all about public speaking. I hate that much since I was child. But my dad ask me to be a teacher. He said "Hm you better be a teacher, it is a good career for woman". And I strongly said "NO". I dont want to be a teacher or something like that. I want to have some bussines on my own (I still want to do this one, bussines). Luckily I become a pure mathematics student in UM. I dont know why even I really I dont know why have to be mathematics, but I was happy. At least its not education field. Yes. Then I graduated from uni and having bachelor of science, wow, I am proud of that *because of any reason I prefer bachelor of science rather than bachelor of education hehe*. And I start to looking for a job and thats teaching ! Oh wow, how can I teach? I dont really like talking in front of lots people. Day by day I try to enjoy teaching. I become easy to talk in front