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Marathon Malang - Jakarta -Jogjakarta -Malang

I went to Jakarta by train. Here I will tell about the price that I spent for this trip. I didnt buy many  things. I just spent the money for trasportation and eat. I admit it. This is not the best price that I can spent, but it might help you who will travel like me.

Starting point : Malang
I go to Jakarta by Majapahit train. Go to Jakarta at about 6.25 pm and arrive at like 10 am. *but mine was late*. It cost about 265k because we reserved the ticket about 3 days before we go. It was economic train but it has combination of 2-2 seat possition. You know, the standart economic train seat. Its different with Matarmaja train which has combination of 2-3 seat. It is much comfortable to sit or sleep in Majapahit train. The rest room also cleaner than Matarmaja. Of course, we paid 2 times than matarmaja, so we will have some comfort things. Overall its better. *ibaratnya nih ya, kaki diselonjorin panjang itu bisa banget*

Aha! About the price list of foods in train, I will post it separately

Jakarta :
We were in Pasar Senen station. And we were hungry. The most safest food to eat in jakarta is eating in a place like fast food. Ok we are looking for Atrium plaza that is near Senen. walk only 5-10mins. And we eat in Hoka hoka bento. Ordered value set menu, the cost about 25k. Same price wherever it sold. Aman.

Kota Tua :
Next destination is Kota Tua. We went by Bajaj. They offer the price about 50k but we bargain it and we have to pay 40k. It was little bit expensive. If you want to make it cheaper, just go by bus or angkot. But I dont know the rute hehe. By bajaj, we went about 20-30mins. Enjoy the Kota Tua and we were going to Museum Wayang. The ticket only 5k. maybe the others museums in kota tua also 5k too.

My friend place :
Her place in Kwitang area. Still in Central Jakarta. Actually it is closer to Pasar Senen, only 5-10mins. We went to this place by angkot about 3k until gajahmada and then went by Bajaj again 35k. And we met our friend. We eat lalapan tempe, cost about 10k.

Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya :
Next day we have to go to hotel by taxi. The location in  Sudirman. Went by taxi about 7km, cost about 40k. And go home by taxi about 5km, cost about 26k. It was cheaper because it is closer and we were stop in KFC. Eat the original package, about 28k. Then walk less than 2km.

Next day :
Time to go back to Jogjakarta. We were supposed to go back from Jogjakarta by train. Because the ticket from Jakarta to Malang were sold out at that day, so we take the alternative way. We go by train from Jakarta to Jogjakarta at 6.45am, arrived Jogjakarta at like 3 pm. Gajahwong train, cost 165k. Its ok still, like majapahit train. Then transit there for about 12 hours. Go back to Malang by train at like 1 am and arrive at 10 by Malabar train.

Incident happened. I check my ticket and I reserved the wrong day in ticket. So we cant go back to Malang by train. Another option is going by travel car. I reserved and yes we are going back to Malang by car, cost 140k.

Arrive in Jogjakarta in Tugu station, we were looking for the mosque to pray. We going there, walk in enjoy jogjakarta afternoon, and finally we found mosque and pray there. We walk in Malioboro street. You know what is Malioboro right? Its a paradise which sell very unique things very cheappppp. It jst about 25k each. When they say 40k, just bargain it. They will let you take it with only 25k. Murce ciinnn

I havent much time to stay in Jogjakarta like we supposed to do. So I just enjoy the atmospher there, take some pics, and waiting for our travel car. We call the drive many times and he told us about where we should wait. He said "mbak nunggu di sebelah selatan stasiun aja ya" or "nahh itu kan mbak dari arah barat, mbak jalan aja ke selatan". Hellk hello anyonghaseyo I hate when people tell me about the route using "NEWS" Or north east west north. Helo gue cewek. Mana tau arah pake gituan. Pake aja kanan kiri.

We ask people about the route and finally we met the driver even we were doing much efforts to met him haha. Kinda good person. And it is a comfy car. I sit in front. I can relax. At least if I cant sleep, I can look at the road in front of me. Not beside me hehhe

*attach the pics later


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Obrolan Konyol #1

serius ya mas, sampe kayak gitu. awas bocor yang bawah
Terlalu banyak obrolan konyol antara aku dan HJ kalo kita ketemu. I just want to put it here ๐Ÿ˜Œ


Ceritanya HJ lagi balik ke Kandahar. Rute penerbangannya Surabaya - Jakarta - Dubai - Kabul - Kandahar. Sebegitu panjangnya dan perlu waktu sekitar 2 - 3 hari. Dan selalu dong aku absen ya.

'Hun, arrived?'
'Yea ... on the way to SD now'
'SD? Sekolah dasar a?'
'No!! Sub Delegation!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚'

Ya mana gue tau kalo SD itu sub delegation ya ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‘


Dia lagi belajar bahasa Indonesia akhir-akhir ini. Kita lagi ngobrolin soal apa gitu yang ujung-ujungnya ngomong khawatir.

'Dont worry about it hun. It's ok it's fine'
'Hemm but worry hun.. I am worry hun..'
'It's ok'
'You dong!'

Lahh tadinya agak sendu jadi ngakak kok tiba-tiba ngomong dong sih nih anak. Ini antara beneran dong apa dia tipo maunya nulis dont sih ๐Ÿ˜ญ

'Ok, love you'
'Love you love you love you …

Punya Rekening Lagi : CIMB on Account

Saya cenderung males bawa uang cash. Kenapa? Ribet, nominal rupiah yang gede banget kebanyakan nol, dan seringnya di dompet isinya duaribuan. Pernah lho duaribuan itu ada kali 30lembar. Serasa kaya, kalo duitnya merah haha

Saya lebih suka debet. Lebih praktis kan, tapi nggak bisa dipake beli di toko kelontong. Jatohnya malah lebih mahal sih emang, dipakenya juga kalo nggak ke toko kelontong kan. Tapi... Saya juga sebenernya rada takut akhir-akhir ini. Karena uang di rekening bisa aja tiba-tiba ilang. Ada temen, satu kali gaji ilang. Untung aja dia urusin bener-bener dan bisa balik duitnya. Ada lagi OB juga gitu, duitnya juga ilang mendadak. Takutnya itu kan di hack atau diduplikat kartu ATM nya. Semakin canggih lah pokoknya.

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Beberapa waktu lalu sering liat counter Jenius di Matos, yang lalu kutemui pula di MOG. Anak Malang tau lah dua mall ini. Nah udah cari info sana sini ya, kok kayaknya asik gitu. Jadi memberanikan diri untuk sign up. Apakah perlu kujelaskan fitur dan fungsinya secara mendetail? Karena sudah banyak tercecer informasinya di internet. Nggak ah, gw mau bahas pengalaman gw pake kartu ini selama sebulan ini.

Sign up lah aku di counter MOG (ya gusti kejebak lagi gw pake nambah kartu-kartuan begini). Kemudian, berkatalah mbaknya "Transfer aja mbak satu juta kesini, kita lagi ada promo kalau transaksi pertama kali satu juta akan ada free kartu member starbucks dengan saldo 50ribu. Lumayan lho mbak Starbucks". Gw nggak fanatik Sbucks (cuma kalo harus beli Chai tea selalu kesini). Dan tanpa sadar pun gw transfer sejuta ke akun jenius gw. Because, why not? Lagian juga mindah duit gw sendiri ke rekening yang lain kan? Nggak ilang duit juga.

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Bahagia Itu Sederhana Atau Sulit?

This picture was taken at Car Free day in Pandaan, and saw this little kids playing around with bubbles, happiness for them is as easy as you can see on this picture, kids with bubbles, a girl and a boy holding hand while smiling and greeting their friends there.

Setelah membaca karya Jostein Gaarder yang seorang filsuf, saya jadi keracunan untuk sedikit berfilosofi dalam hidup. Tetiba saya berpikir apa itu bahagia. Darimana sumber kebahagiaan itu berasal. Apakah uang dan kekuasaan bisa membuat kita bahagia. Apakah bahagia itu sulit dicari. Bagaimana peran uang untuk kebahagiaan itu... dan masih banyak lagi pertanyaan tentang kebahagiaan.

Standar kebahagiaan setiap orang tentu berbeda-beda. Tapi standar tersebut tidaklah penting bagi saya, karena saya tidak menggunakan standar mereka dalam menentukan kebahagiaan saya sendiri.

Saya bahagia ketika saya bersama keluarga. Saya bahagia ketika bersama HJ. Saya bahagia ketika saya bisa membantu orang. Saya bahagia ketika saya mengajar dan mu…