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Education system

Discussing about education is never end. Why? Because there are a lot of changes in education system. We always want to find and execute the best system in education. Good education means good development. A developed country, most of them, have a good education system. Although there are some “mistakes” in students while using those kind of good system, but what people noted is “This country has a good education system”.

I have a great interest in education life. Here, lots people say that we don’t have a good system of education. Really? Yeah I think so hahaha.. So.. let say that we are still working on arranging good system of education. We cant blame the government or people who responsible in education. It is not a  good habit always blaming others.

And me, I don’t know it is blaming or just add more burdens to them, this is my way of thinking about education. Simply said, I studied mathematics in university. I didn’t study about pedagogic, but I know some points in this mathematics education. Well actually  I don’t really remember if I wrote this here already haha. Ok.. here it is

I really like to learn mathematics since I was in elementary school. Well.. I was. I thought it was always challenge me and fun (when I get the answer). Until I decide (or my dad decide) to study math at university. I thought like “hm it must be fun, and I like it, so I won’t have any big problem in learning”. Nah, I was wrong hahaa… Based on my experiences, start from 1997, mathematics for elementary school was easy and acceptable. Then mathematics for middle school still acceptable and applicable in life. So it is ok still. Nah, for high school, it will be so much different and difficult. Why do students have to learn about integral, derivative and so on which is have no use in life? I mean in their personal life or maybe in common. Do people need integral in counting simple how wide some areas?? I think  no people want to think about how wide the area of rice field which can be planted if have some black spot in left side? No one right? Unless for some people who have big interest in math.

Aya… of course it is needed if you are studying about medical or engineering or stuff. Yes it is needed. But you, who are in high school, still planning what will you do after you graduate from high school right? Still planning even sometimes still have no planning yet. It is normal. 15-17 years old people is unstable. Today they want to be doctor, but tomorrow they want  to be a teacher, even next month they want to be a businessman. Its totally normal.
Why don’t we give another simple math in high school rather than integral or something. Because I know, math at higher level isn’t easy at all. It is application of math. You don’t need one semester to study only integral. It is easy to learn if you have big interest in it. But it is just wasting time if you don’t have any interest.

Integral yes needed for medical stuff like measuring the precise amount of x-ray that we need to shot on the cancer spot in body. It is need precise counting of course. And the people who do this only people who study math in higher level. Not the one who only studied in high school. Because wrong mistake gonna kill the patient.

I got surprised by my sister math problem. She was in second grade of elementary school, last year. And she asked me “mbak, how to solve this question ’16 times 7’?”. Is this a question for 8 years old student? I even know the multiplication table when I was in 4th grade. How can you guys give a difficult question like that ? to the 2nd grade elementary student? Even they don’t know yet the result of 2 times  3? This is happen in math class for elementary school. Its not even their right time to study that difficult thing. Their mind cant be forced to think about such difficult and absurd things. They got tired easily. And it’s a bit dangerous when children got tired of such thing.

So, what is the point? I cant conclude. This is the reality now. How students are forced to think something difficult even not in their right time yet. Just feel like how poor are they. Well I just think that everything have to be more efficient. Why do we have to learn many things about things yhag we dont even concern about it? Yes of course, its better when we have another abilities but this ability is something that we really want to learn.

So.. Is something need to be revised ?



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