Senin, 07 Desember 2015

I am still the same

Now I found the reason why I really love to be under the rain.

Last night mom told me about how I love the rain drops. When I was kid, daddy was riding motorbike, and I sat in front. For some people, it is not safe. But for me, it is interesting. A lot. When raining, and I sat in front, I always love to feel the raindrops on my hands and face even sometimes “drink” it. It is totally fine and fun. Well.. maybe dad and mom just a bit angry to me. They thought that it is not safe to ‘drink’ the raindrops. But I love it, even now. I mean I don’t drink it anymore, I just feel the raindrops on my hands, my face.

I thought it is only I was kid that’s why I love under the rain. Every kids love it. I remember that I love to do it. But it is the thing that I always do when raining now.

It is like healing. What kind of healing? From stress, from everything. When I feel that I need to be alone, to introspect myself, raining will be the best thing for me. feel the raindrops always be the best time for me. the only problem maybe parents will get mad to me because it will get me flu and cold haha. But I love it

Now I realize how I love to be under the rain and feel the raindrops.

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