Jumat, 27 November 2015

Mamaku wonder woman

If you ask me, who is the one you adore in your life? Well.. the answer will be that answer only, mama. I adore her very much. She is super hero in my life, super woman, super and so super.


Still asking why?

Mama is the one who deliver me to the world. She brought me on her belly for more than 9 months and giving birth, vaginal birth, that must be so much in pain. She need more than 9 hours to feel the pain. I am her oldest so it must be so hard to have baby for the first time. She dedicate her life to be a housewife to take care of husband and daughters. She is fulltime housewife. Although she breastfeed me only for months *and people said I am cow daughter*, I know that must be hard not to breastfeed me. She always be so careful in taking care of me because I am her oldest one. I gave her first experience in taking care of baby. And of course giving her tiresome days even now.

She never treat me like a princess. She always ask and teach me to be a strong girl like her. She teach me how to be responsible to everything we did, teach me how to cook *even I have to learn more and more*, teach me how to teach my kids later *I learn when she educate me*, teach me how to love others, teach me how to respect people although they hurt us, teach me how to be a good sister and model for the youngers, teach me to be patient, teach me to pursue higher education, teach me to be someone that family will proud of me, and teach me how to choose a man.

She is very good in cooking. Her foods will always be my favorite ever. No chef can beat her in cooking. I have to learn how to cook and be a good chef for my husband and kids later. She is not like a princess. She can do almost every works that men do. That’s why I said she is super woman. Because in my eyes, she could do everything. That so super. And she will be so feminine on the other day. She is good at putting on make up. I am growing up and we are often sharing our stuff like hijab, shoes *paling sering*, even shirts, also lipstick, and eyeliner. Hah that what women does when we are in front of mirror.

She consider me as a woman now. She tells everything about her problem to me. She consider my opinion now although I never give specific opinion.

What she ask from me? she ask nothing. Is she wants a lot of money to give? No. she don’t want it. She only want I become success woman in everything I do, be a good wife and mom, and giving birth cute kids hahaha. She always joking like “Hmm what if I request something to you. Can I?”, “Oh yes please, what do you want?”, “Give me cute grandson and granddaughter who have blue eyes” hahahahha *itu juga gue mau hahaha*

She did everything to me, for me, for us. Things I really want to do for her is make her happy. That’s all.

I cursed some people who hurt her. And she said “No, no need to curse them. Just prove them that you can do better than them, don’t think and listen about them. They are doing this because they are jealous to us. That’s all. No need to hate people”

Yes… that’s true. Absolutely true. I just feel like she is so wise.

I don’t mind you hurt me, because so far, for 24 years, I only getting hurt twice. That means I will feel hurt when you hurt me. but when you hurt mama, you gonna hurt me too!

Don’t ever dare to touch my mom otherwise I will give you something “sweet” as a revenge :)

If you ask me about my dreams, one of my dream is becoming a woman like mama. She is a role model for me as a wife and mother. Best one for me

All of this things I do and I have now, all because of her. Kalau ada yang Tanya apa rahasianya, doa ibu tentunya. Itu adalah doa paling sweet paling mujarab, paling everything. Doa ibu untuk anak-anaknya.Seorang yang selalu sabar dalam hal apapun. Mamaku emang sabar banget biarpun pas kecil aku sering dicubit, dipukul tapi aku sadar itu adalah cara didiknya yg membuatku jadi pribadi yang tahan banting dan kuat mental. She is my mama. Thank you for all things you did for me. Love you always mama :)

*mama kemarin kirim foto masa kecilku disertai narasi unyu sebelum aku kerja hahaaha.. that so cute.. maybe she miss me already haha*

When she was very young. Hot mum haha
And her lovely husband -- papa
Oh thats meeeeeee


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