Senin, 28 September 2015

7 and 2 hours philoshopy (Filosofi mendaki gunung)

Mendaki gunung lewati lembah... sungai mengalir indah ke samudra.. bersama teman bertualang.... #ost ninja hatori

Haha... well.. I wont talking about that sountrack. I will write about mountain and life. I think many people already think the same like me, it just I want to record it on my blog. Thats why i write it.

I never climb mountains like other climbers. Just a small one, and it already make me feel blessed being born in a very beautiful country. The real climbers always feel addicted to climb higher and higher mountains. I know that feeling. Like a challenge for them.

Its not easy to climb a mountain even climb the easiest one. There are always much challenge and trouble during climbing mountain. Need few days to hike some difficult mountain. A friend who just climb on Semeru mt told me that they need 7 hours to reach the top of mountain and only need 2 hours to going back down.

Layaknya sebuah kehidupan, can you imagine? What do you really want to reach in life? The best goal of your life? You must be have some right? Yeah... like the mountain climbers, they want to reach top of the mountain. To prove people that they can. Ok, dont say to prove to people, just for self proving. "I can get the top of mt". Thats enough for them. In life, there are people who dreams lots. Who struggling hard to reach that dreams. Up and down, hard and difficult, not even easy. Then the right time is coming. The time when you get the dreams, the things you really want it. You are on the top of the mountain of your life. What will you do there?? Protect it! Like the 7 and 2 hours of climbing. Need much more time to get your dream, but need a little time to lose it. If, you dont keep that dream alive and stay in top of your mountain.

When I was on middle high school, clearly remember, I saw a climber, he was taking the same bus with me, at that time I told to myself "why do they have to bring lots of things on their back just for climb a mountain and goin back down with an empty hands, just tired and its tiring I guess". Some people said the same like me. But now I realize that it is for self proving. They just dont want to be like common people. They want more in life. The things that only they know it. And now, I am a part of it. Tiring? Yes.. alot... But remember, Allah akan membayar semuanya sebanding dengan seberapa keras kita berusaha. Allah tahu dan Maha adil.



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