Selasa, 22 Desember 2015

Walking in Malang and Surabaya

Ok.. now I want to write about safety level of walking in Malang and Surabaya

Well.. I love to walk. I often walking. Why? Because I am lazy to exercise so this is the only one simple sport that I can do everyday hahaha *an excuse*

When I was in Malang, I walked a lot. Walking to campus, to my work place, to closest mall, even to somewhere that located a bit far from my place. I love to walk when I was in Malang. Because Malang air always refreshing and it is safe to walk everytime even at midnight *I did it often*.

Yeah this is the simplest exercise that people can do. I walked at least 30mins a day, if I am not going anywhere. But I did more than that. Especially after raining, hmmm Malang is so beautiful and the best thing that you can do is walking enjoying Malang.

And now... I am staying in Surabaya. I tried to walk, but everytime I walk I feel like people look at me and feel like "hey, who are you walking on my area!",  and never feel safe. People always talk to me impolitely. No comfortable place to walk. Even I always feel that you will be safe more when you are riding motorbike. I asked my friend and she told me the same. She never want to walk here because it not real safe, she prefer riding her motorbike. Well.. I have same opinion like her. Its more more safe to riding something than walk. I never feel safe to walk here, moreover I cant enjoy it.

So what is the differences now?? The differences now, for 4 months since I moved here, I cannot walk for a long time now. It hurt my legs now hahaha

Walking is relaxing. When I feel so tired and a bit stress, walking is kind of healing for me. Can enjoy everything and talk to myself. Well..

Hmm.. apapun jika kita bisa mensyukurinya, maka akan selalu menjadi berkah bagi kita. So yes, Alhamdulillah saja ya :)



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