Senin, 26 Oktober 2015

Ceplas ceplos

Be honest, I was dreaming to work in an international company since I was kid. Like being a career woman in a great company is always look amazing and great. Always wearing a beautiful clothes, shoes, and got paid very well. Well.. that was me who just seeing something by its look. Doesn’t know the essential value. I was nothing, didn’t know anything about life, about stuff and things in life. About what makes us happy. Just yeah, it like better to stay in a comfort zone. And I really don’t like being a teacher. Because when seeing my father and his whole family, are all teacher (mostly), that make me feel like “Hmm boring, having a family and most of all are teacher”.

That was when I didn’t know anything in life, didn’t know the value of life
Then few years later, when I start to think about everything more globally, I see that everything changes. Everything turn in opposite. I start to fall in love with teaching. Fall in love with students. Fall in love with the time when inform and get the students understand what I am talking about. I love it. I am really into it. And it makes me find myself in teaching.

But then, parents start to ask “don’t you want to work in a great company?”. Well at that time, I start to feel “Wow.. working as an officer is no fun at all, I guess”. But they ask me to give it a try, so I tried. Applied in a great company, international one, and got rejected. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t match with theirs but they underestimated me. Like “Oh.. you are a bachelor, we don’t need a bachelor to do this stuff. Just a high school student is enough for this job”, but when the high school student apply, they will say the opposite. When I went outside the office after the interview, I said “Oh,.. you humiliate me. Lets see in few months. I’ll get into a great company better than yours and got paid much better than yours. Will see!!”. Taraaaa.. it happen to me. Few months later I got accepted in a great company, handle international users, and it give a chance to me to improve myself in Korean. I have to learn more and more.
Then no problem, although I don’t really like working in a company, but this one give me a good opportunity to improve myself too. I try to enjoy it now, and so far so good. But still, I miss being a teacher

What I am talking about is all about “Ceplas Ceplos”. That is something that I said accidentally without thinking first. Any moral value? Yes I guess so. I hate teaching at first, but then God ask me to learn how to love something that I hate. Then I fall in love with it. Then working in a company, God ask me to like it more. Then I start to enjoy it. 2 months and well.. its ok. So the point is don’t hate something too much, because you will be asked to love it someday, I don’t know why but it happen a lot in life. Also, try to talk about something good. Because someday it will happen to you. So can you imagine what will happen if you talk about bad thing in your life?? Maybe gonna ruin your life.

Yeah.. I always tell something good in my life, because it will give me a positive energy to make it happen. Well maybe I forgot what I am just saying, I just didn’t realize that what I am doing now is always lead me to something that I just said. So… why not telling someone at least to ourselves about something good and what we want?

But still, in the end we have a highest approver for everything we do. It just God knows what is better for us. In our point of view, “This A is better for me. I wont doing that B”. But God point of view, “Hey no, this B is much better for you. I always know what is better for you”. Just… don’t be arrogant as a human. We are just nothing. Just have to do the best, try, and don’t forget to give it to the highest approver :)

*this will work out for someone who believe that there is God as our creator



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