Senin, 04 Juli 2016

Kapan Nikah?

Sebentar lagi lebaran dan kumpul sama keluarga besar. Buat yang masih single, jangan lupa siapkan jawaban atas pertanyaan ‘KAPAN NIKAH?’. Saya udah siapin jawaban itu dari bertahun-tahun yang lalu hahahha...

karena ini adalah pertanyaan sadis dan membunuh bagi para jomblo/single/ yang statusnya belum taken by their partner.

That question always there since I was maybe 20 or 22. These people are really love to ask "When will you get married?", anytime anywhere. They start to ask this magical words. At first when they start to ask me this question, I thought like "Oh wow, is it the time for me to have this question? Ah maybe ". but yes, since that time, when I meet family or relatives even friends they will always ask "when you will get married?". dudududuuuu lalallalaaaaa... my answer always be like "NEXT YEAR". Actually I dont really understand why I told them next year, but that is better I guess than give them "I dont know" answer.

yea, Eid will come shortly. We will gather around with relatives and family. And I am ready for that question (again). after their question is answered with the same answer every time, they will ask again "You are not single right?". No no I am in relationship now, then they will say "get married then!". I will tell them like 'there are a lot to arrange and manage before married'. and they will easily say "that's not a difficult part". I have no idea why people love to ask other people to get married. Will you become our sponsor to have the wedding party??? hahahha

Sometimes I only tell them "Just be patient for the invitation next year", then I leave them. Hemmm they might not thinks that getting married isn't easy. The only thing the know is 'you have to be married soon and invite me, then if something goes wrong with your party we will talk about it behind you'. Diiihhh sebel dehhh, udah maksa, masih juga diomongin dibelakang.

Getting married isn't easy, especially for mixed couple. Oh yes, there are a lot to prepare for mixed couple. but they never know about that. never know. they only know that 'you must be outstanding on your wedding'. mboookkk tulung.

Yes, I almost 25. They will thinks that I have to be married soon. Hmmm hello... I am still happy like this, and I am still preparing for that. I only want to be married once. with someone only. That is why I don't want to rush. and yea the question about 'KAPAN NIKAH?' is kinda annoying lho saudara-saudara. untungnya pas ndak patah hati pas ditanya.

Anyway, I just wish that kind of question will be something like a wish that I will get married soon and maybe next year. But I wont invite too many people. I only invite those who are close to me or the precious ones.

Semoga berkah

for Frontsummer, I will invite you all but the invitation will be written in my blog, since I know that you all will come when you have time but I don't want to spend money to invite you using that kind of invitation letter :P


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