Senin, 04 Juli 2016

An Ipad

Some of my friends are big fans of Apple. Apple products, not Batu Apple or Malang Apple. They are admiring Apple that much. I don’t know why, yea I admit the products are good enough. Maybe I am just not a gadget freak like my friends. 

For them, they know the bad or good parts on gadget, but surprisingly my dear little sister admires Apple as well. She is only 8 years old, but she got indoctrinated by my other sister that the best gadget is Apple. Well actually she doesn’t matter what is the brand of gadget as long as she can play her games every time. But tablet pc is a something that she really want to have. Yes because the screen is bigger than phone of course. 

She was playing around with my boyfriend IPad. I can tell she wants it. She wants to have a tablet PC. Then my boyfriend, I don’t know where he got this idea but he said ‘if you can speak English with me fluently, I will get you an IPad’. She asked me what does it mean, and right after telling her the meaning, she was taking my tablet and learn English on Duolingo. A good thing to motivates her hahaha. 

But after awhile she said ‘mbak, can you just give me your tablet? So when I am able to speak English fluently, you can have the IPad, because I really want it now’. I said “No, get yours with hard work”. And yeah she is back to studying. She learn English and my boyfriend learn Indonesian a bit from teaching her. 

Kinda funny things they did at home last time. 

this is how the both exchange something. he learn Indonesian and my lil sister learn english. my sister like exchange something for Ipad.



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