Sabtu, 14 Januari 2017

Memandang Langit Yang Sama

Disclaimer : this is only a personal writing about my galau feeling haha!

I have two soundtrack of my long distance relationship. The first one is Already home from A great big world, the other one is Dekat di hati by RAN. 

Those two songs are actually quiet similar. The theme is exactly the same. Two people having long distance relationship, stay far away, doing things together in different place and then meet each other by flying for hours (I guess). 

I personally like the music video of Already home, because it shows what couples doing in life. I mean, eating together, chit chat, quarrels, then kissing. Normal life. Doesn’t mean I don’t like music video of Dekat di hati (which is sponsored by Citilink). It is sweet enough. But it only shows a bit of couples do. It tells only 10 hours before they met. 

When I listen to those two songs, it make me feel like ‘yes, I feel what you feel guys’. Sharing pictures everyday is a must, texting also a must, video call especially, quarrels and feel gloomy ohh I felt that a lot. Every couples feel it I guess, it just everytime I text him, talk to him, I just need to make sure that he is safe. He is safe there. He is fine there. That’s why it always frustrate me whenever I cant reach him. Worried if something happen there. Conflict area is not a joke. 

I listen to this songs for days already. Cant help it. I just miss him so much. Deeply. And this mood is repeat, lovey dovey mood.

Anyone has the same feeling as mine? 😄

Note : I like to fly with Citilink but it’s not sponsored by Citilink. It’s not New York, it just Kandahar, Netherlands and Surabaya.

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  1. Omegad. I am in the same kind of relationship as well, eldeer. I also have my favorite songs about LDR. Have you ever heard She Was Mine by AJ Rafael & Jesse Barrera? It is one of my fave song. Hehe

    A great big world and Dekat di hati by RAN had been on my playlist since a long time ago. xD

    1. Haha nope. I should listen to it, and maybe add it on my playlist? 😆

      This two songs are really make me feel 'hey! Thats me! Thats what I feel!' Haha

      How long you've been on long distance relationship? It such a hard to do but well.. Love conquer haha

    2. Yep, you should because you're an eldeer fighter. Just try to listen that song, you'll like it xD

      Aweee me too. It's been a year, heheh.

  2. 'Cause love has no distance baby ohhh added to my playlist haha

    Thanks dear 😚

  3. Welehh sak iki inggrisan rek ! Ngko pembaca ndadak bukak google translate, hahaha


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