Sabtu, 14 Januari 2017

Lovey Dovey Songs

I have some lovey dovey’s songs. This should be on my list for wedding haha

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you. 
This song, you know, has been recycle by some singers. The latest I know Westlife (the first boy band I love before I knew Korean Boy bands haha!) also recycle this song. This is like forever love song. Westlife recycle it a bit different from the previous singers. Makes me even like this song more. I thought it's not Westlife but then I heard Mark voice then I am sure this is Westlife. Wanna download it on itunes but couldn't find it.

they both are just a perfect couple 

Marry your daughter
This one is Brian McKnight song. I am not sure if this is sung by two people but I like it. The lyrics completely wow. I could even cry when I listen to it haha. It just so sweet, and gentle as a man who ask the woman's father. I feel it's me. Yayaya me, I am the oldest hihi. What is different is only in 'aisle'. 

Thinking out loud
I didn't really like Ed Sheeran at first. But then I found this song and this song completely wow. Sorry, everything is wow for me when I am in lovey dovey mood. I was listening to this song when we both quarreling and made it up. So this one is like hmmm... nice and sweet.

Marry you
I am sure a lot of song titled Marry you since this title is sweet to be a song title. But this one is Super Junior song. This was on their second album, when they were really young and they made this song. Which part I like? Kyuhyun part. 오래 예전부터 너를 위해 준비한 내 손에 빛나는 반지를 받아줘..오늘과 같은 맘으로 지금의 약속 기억할게...Would you marry me

never doubt his voice, really.... king of balad.

Already home
As I wrote on earlier post, this song is like a soundtrack for my long distance relationship. A great big world brought this song so nice and sweet as sweet as the music video. Personally I have the same story as on the scene haha!

Those are always on my list when I am in lovey dovey mood. And those song should be on my wedding list. It's a must 😄😋

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  1. 1. Nothing’s gonna change my love for you.
    2. Marry Your Daughter
    3. Thinking out loud

    Those are also my fav songs!! I've never heard the two rest songs above, Marry you and Already home, I guess, It must be on my playlist sooner. Hohoh.

    1. Haha marry you is Super Junior song. It just I love this song since long time ago. And already home is a great big world song and dont listen to this music when you feel
      Galau haha. This will make you nyeseeekk hahaha

      But good song, at least for me 😄

    2. Well, that's why I don't know 'bout the song, it was Korean's song and I rarely listen to it, I only listen to Korean Indie song huhu >.<

      I've got the song and listened to it anyway. It's good xD

  2. Beautiful in white
    only for my wife

    my wife jareeee

  3. Dangdut pantura ne endi? Hahaha

    1. Wuiihhh sori, ga kenal dangdut pantura. Eike dari selatan 😂😂😂


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