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Prisca Wedding

Don't get me wrong, it's not my wedding. I am not married YET. And please don't ask me 'WHEN'. That is the most annoying question ever!

So this is Prisca wedding, another Prisca I've known. She is partly Bondowoso and Lombok, while her husband is originally from Lombok. Their wedding has been held in Lombok. Months ago Prisca said that no friends of her will come on her wedding since it is far from Java and need a lot of money to go there. She was personally asked me to come on her wedding, at least she can see one of her friend, one of someone she knows on her wedding. It was so touching and I said YES. I decided to come for two reason, her wedding, and holiday to Lombok. Good reasons right? tetiba miskin tabungan abis hhaha *becanda*

Our outfit at the wedding. Nggak sengaja samaan kayak seragam nikahannya

As you read on previous one, I flew to Lombok with Desi, another friend of us. She wants to come as well. So that is good, I am not going there alone.

We left hotel nearby hotel at 7 am. We went to the wedding place by travel car since it is too difficult to reach using public transportation, mengingat nggak ada taksi online maupun ojek online di Lombok. First we went to another Lombok friend, he was our class leader at college. Last time we met it was about 2 years ago. And he just got married a week ago. He and his wife finally live peacefully in his house that has been built by himself. Keren.

Aan and his wife. She is so cute 

Then we came to the wedding place at 9 am. Prisca said "HAVE TO BE THERE ON TIME". Dia paham kali ya kalo temennya ada yang hobi ngaret. Ok, not so ontime, but not so late either. We came together with the KUA person. Good.

Gedung wanita Selong, Lombok

There are drama between. The power outage happened for several times, even when that sacred thing happen. Ijab kabul maksudnya. I was so nervous, because I know what she did to finally be there in that place and being married witnessed by us. I know her struggle. So I was nervous as well. Finally, less than an hour, she is officially become Candra's wife. And I dont need to write another drama. 

They were so nervous

When they were asking parents' blessing

Single fighter who prepare Soto and bakso

She looks so happy and her face look so glowing. Me and Desi talking about how different her face look like after being a wife. It is so different. But I can see she is so happy to be a wife now. But... although she is happy to be a wife, her face expression for my candid photo never looks so good. Maksudnya mukanya dia yang kejepret candid slalu ekspresi yang nggak bener dan nggak layak posting aja.

Sorry, a bit blurry. Nggak siap gara gara nggak tau kalo mereka udah masuk

Fresh smile of the bride

Harusnya sih romantis, eh dia merem 

The wedding ceremony ended at 1 pm, and we all together going back home. I went with them to Candra house because we will stay there for a night.

Karena hasil jepretan fotografernya nggak muasin aku, kita wajib selfi sama newlywed ini

Dan emang kayaknya dia ga bisa diajak foto bagusan dikit

Everyone always feel happy when people around us are getting married. We all wish them all good wishes for those newlywed. HJ and his dad congratulate them and sent them some good wishes even though they never know her personally. But I often told them about this Prisca and another Prisca, mengingat kita itu beken dimana-mana sekarang. 

Prisca juga bilang ke kita 'kalian nggak mau doain kita punya anak kembar kah?', ya kalo mereka mau punya sih kita tinggal doain aja. Hal paling gampang yang bisa kita lakukan kan mendoakan dengan tulus. 

Anyway, Happy wedding another Prisca and Candra. Wish you both have happy life together ever after, sincerely 😘😘


  1. selamat menikah buat temennya, semoga samawa...yang belum segera menyusul :)

    1. yang belum dan pengen menikah semoga segera menyusul heehehe

  2. Tak tunggu wedding selanjutnya, wkwkwkwk....

    Btw, panganane akeh gak? *toyor pala*

    1. Wedding selanjutnya dari another prisca ya? Haha

      Akeh mas akehh tp lali fotoin, soale wes keburu dimakan dewe

  3. ealah,,, temene Desy toh mbak
    kita seangkatan dan pernah satu PKPT berarti xixixi
    dunia sempit sekali

    1. Huahahahahah kenal desi juga? Hahaha

      Brati kamu kenal dedi ya? Anak kimia

    2. iya, satu esema
      dedi kenal lah, femes banget dia hehe

    3. Brati yg ga femes itu aku ya haha


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