Sabtu, 19 November 2016

Deadly beautiful

I didn’t go to work last tuesday, why? Because I got diarrhea. I texted my supervisor and two colleagues of mine, telling them that I will not go to work. When I told them that I got diarrhea, they start to ask why, what did I eat, how come, blablabla…

A day before, I went to 4 malls in Surabaya. Hey, not because I love to explore malls, but I need to go there to find something and meet some friends. I went out at 9am and back home at 8 pm. Kenyang kenyang deh keliling Surabaya.

The last mall I went with my besties, we went to a coffee shop (Tous Les Jours) and eat the breads there. I am curious about the taste of other bread because the tart cake of my supervisor birthday was ordered there and that was so tasty. So my friends take me there, to taste it. After enjoying our stories in coffee shop, we went to a supermarket. Still in the same mall. I start to shop my daily foods, because I plan to cook for whole week. Actually I prefer traditional market than supermarket to buy groceries but yea I live to far from traditional market so I make it here. In this place.

 I love this mint color of this TLJ

The tragedy is starting here…

I bought chicken, corns, broccoli, and some onions, paprika and this and that. The point is in chicken. I really avoid to buy ‘fresh chicken’ in supermarket because usually it is already packed and covered by plastic so I couldn’t touch it to make sure that it is still ‘fresh’.

Then I went home and put them all in refrigerator. I planned to cook it next day. Wake up and realize that my refrigerator is shut down. Wow. Start to worry about my groceries dong. Then I fry the chicken and put it in my table. ‘Ok I will make the sweet sour sauce tonight. It’s too late to cook now’. I left it on my table and going out again with another friend. It still Sunday. But I already ate the fried chicken a bit.
And start to feel something weird on my belly…

After going out all day long, I arrived home at 5 pm I guess and start to make the sauce for fried chicken that I left this morning. Really, it so tasty. I mean the sauce. Because some people already taste it and told me that it is tasty. But yes, the taste for fried chicken is different. It wasn’t so fresh. Hmm.. but I still eat that. Ate that night and for breakfast the next day.

 so beautiful and instagramable right?? but deadly! sedih deh

At office, I ate spicy mango, well like asinan. In an hour I couldn’t concentrate at all, my belly really feel something wrong. Went home and successfully use the toilet for a longggggggggg time. And yes, I got diarrhea. After long time never got diarrhea, now I feel it and it make me feel so weak in a day.

nggak lagi hamil tapi ini tuh seger banget dimakan di Surabaya, apalagi mangga yang belum mateng sempurna.

I absent, and a colleague next to mine asked me. She texted me, and nasty words coming from her …

‘Pris kenapa nggak masuk?’
‘Diare, gatau nih dari apa’
‘Bukan dari asinan mangga kemaren kan? Atau kamu terlalu malem liat supermoon? Jadinya masuk angin’
‘Ihh orang diare kok dibilang masuk angin’
‘Abis makan apa sih?’
‘Kayaknya sih ayam yang aku masak kemarin deh, aku kemarin masak ayam’
‘Huahahahhahahahaahah makanya jangan masak sendiri, bisa diare kalo kamu makan masakan kamu sendiri. Untung cuman diare, bukan keracunan parah’

Nasty right??

So I suspect the chicken I bought a day before. The chicken wasn’t so fresh and maybe already contains bacteria that I couldn’t see. Ya kali bisa liat bakteri tanpa mikroskop, nggak laku yang jual mikroskop.

What is the moral value? Something beautiful could be so deadly. Be careful!

8 komentar:

  1. The spicy mango look so deliciouse huhu
    Klo di bogor banyak ni di pinggir2 jalan
    Nah klo beli ayam di supermaket emang gitu suka takut takutan kurang fresh

    1. emang delicious banget soalnya kl nggak enak nggak bakal ada yang makan haha

      asinan Bogor bukan? dimana2 kliatan asinan bogor soalnya hoho

      Nahhh itu makanya, itu baru pertama kali beli ayam di supermarket dan zonk T_T

  2. Iku soale mbak pris ga ngajak aku wkwkwkw

    1. Hemm diajak diare pisan ta din? Hahaha

      Malah katae temenku 'ya soale kamu yg masak, jadinya keracunan kamu' kurang hasyeeemm

  3. Wkwkwkwk, mulane dimasak mbak. Ayam entah mbok untal yo perkoro, hahaha

    1. Pengen ala2 kuntilanak mas, nguntal ayam mentahhh

  4. saya mah justru merasa senang hati kalau demikian kejadiannya, lagian kenapa juga solo karier ajah, cpba ngajak-ngajak nggak bakalan begitu kejadiannya...sukuriiinnn

    1. Malah disukurin 😭😭😭

      Yawes lain kali tak ajak smuanya biar kalo diare juga bareng2 😂😂


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