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Magical Places I Would Love To Come Back Again and Again


So far, there are three magical places that I would love to come back again and again. I thought they wouldn't be that special but I was wrong. They are :


First time I went to Bromo was 5 years ago (I think) with my Korean friend and it was my birthday present lol. At that time Bromo look so stunning for me although it was a real hard work for me to reach the top of it. I know I am not a big fan of climbing the mountain (although Bromo has stairs there to reach the top, how lazy I am). Going to the top of mountain always tiring and was always give me feeling "Don't climb. You gonna be so tired". But it's all paid off when you reach the top. Waiting for the sunrise always challenging. It is always freezing cold, always crowded during a special ceremony, but again it will be paid off when you see the sun rising and see the villages down there. Whenever I met people who came from countries with 4 seasons, they said "It is cold Pris but not that cold". F*ck you dude! I cant feel my legs.

rindu bromo dan ingin mengunjunginya lagi



Another magical place that I am in love with is Ubud. Definitely the land of the gods. A long time ago I wonder why people love to go back to Bali. Bali is a real mainstream island that I don't think I would come back because it is too mainstream. Oh well oh well I was wrong. I was there last time for a month and it was so great. And another month after that it always calls me back lol. Unfortunately, the seafood prices are still higher than Bangkok lol. But Ubud will always be my "home".




meskipun komposisi ga pas, pantat mereka kepotong, yasudahlah. kusuka tapi kecewa sama jepretan sendiri hmmm 

Istanbul is the real magic. Somehow, it dragged me back to thousand years ago where the byzantine conquers this city for so long. At first, I have no idea that it could be this magical. I went there to see my parents in law. I didn't expect it will be this magical for me. I was so excited to go there to see my parents in law but wasn't that excited about the city. At all. And especially after the airport mess (believe me this airport sucks), long line in immigration and mine took longer than other people (guess because so many Indonesians went to Syria from Istanbul), I wasn't really in the mood. But the moment I leave the airport, OMG! And when we stroll around the old city that evening to find some food for dinner, I knew that this city stole my heart. And so many cats, the nicest to the worse, the thin to the fat ones, the small to the big ones, they are all there. We spent almost 2 weeks there and I just love it. It is magical especially Hagia Sophia. Man this place is so 😍 A great building that witness the great time.

Those places always calling me to go back again and again. The list might goes on... but so far these three are magical. How about you?


  1. My magical places I'd like to always come back... My bed. Hahahhaah :D
    I like to travel but I don't travel much. Mostly because I'm too scared to travel alone. Haha. Tapi terakhir aku sempet kabur dari rumah ke Bali hahahah sampe di sana tengah malem.. oke abis itu bingung keluar dari airport gimana. And it was my first time traveling alone dan sempet kaget saat banyak bapak2 nyamperin nawarin transport. Karena biasa dijemput, ini gak dijemput siapa2. Hadeh...

    Eh lah malah curhat di mari. Maapkeun.. πŸ™πŸΌ
    Eh eniwei, your photos are cool!

    1. Aww thank you for compliment :)

      gosh! I forgot to mention bed above. That is definitely my favorite place too haha!

      sometimes traveling alone is needed lol. Cuma kudu hati2 aja sih, banyak orang serem. Tapi banyak jg orang baek kok wkwkwk. Coba lebih milih mana solo traveling apa traveling bareng orang yang nyebelin? hahahah!

      Salam kenal ya :)


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