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bisa wrap sendiri setelah 2 bulan Akhirnya gw nggak cuma mendambakan, "Ahh pengen boxing deh" tapi beneran bayar buat boxing. Udah beberapa bulan ngintip instagram tempat boxing deket rumah gw, udah berbulan-bulan disuruh H buat berangkat, akhirnya gw mantapkan hati "Yaudah lah cobain dulu sekali" yang ternyata gratis trial ya. Karena baru pertama kali, ya gw mau coba yang basic aja.  Setelah satu jam, penuh keringat, gw langsung aja "Mas, bayar dong bulanan".  Gw bener-bener orang yang nggak bisa olahraga sendirian. Karena kalo sendirian, gw pasti boongin diri gw sendiri "Ah kan ga ada yang liat, udah ah nggak kuat" konyol. Tapi kalau ada minimal, pelatihnya, kita udah engap pasti mereka teriak-teriak "10 MORE SECONDS! AYO AYO BISA!!!" Kek malu lah kalau nggak lanjut, yekan? Plank dari cuma bisa 10 detik, jadibisa 20 detik, 30 detik, jadi 40 detik, gara-gara "AYO KAK BISAAAAAA!!!" Antara sebel, kesel, tapi ya seneng πŸ˜† Jadi m

I Learn French!

la gare - Genève

I know I haven't master Dutch yet. Still, A2 and haven't even finished it yet. I learn Dutch so that I'll be able to talk with my kids and teach them Dutch too. But, since the baby is still not in the plan yet for now, or even if it is in the plan, the baby can only talk after a year they're born so I have time. 

A long time ago, I thought that French is a cool language and I wanted to learn that. Until my friend taught me to start it from the numbers which got me like "What kind of language is this?" So I stopped. I kind of forgot about it until I saw more opportunities if I master the language.

Listened to people talk in French when I was in Geneva, everyone speaks French. Even for Bonjour and Merci, they like it more in French than English which I found hard because I can't say those words. Then I found so many opportunities or future opportunities and it has to be so fluent in French. So I thought, why not learn it now? There are more countries speaking French than Dutch anyway. It's more useful. Lol. 

Ya, true, H and I said that Indonesian and Dutch are the most useless languages for any kind of job abroad, except if you work in either of those two countries πŸ˜‚. 

Coca-cola was bought in Saleve after trekking

So, I started my French in Duolingo. As a starter to get myself familiar with the pronunciations. A little bit of grammar in some simple sentences. Just get to know it first before I got myself involved in a really French course. I mean, I got 50% off for the French course in the place I am working 😌 but I save it for later. 

When I started it, I felt like "Hey! It's not that difficult!" Well, what terrified me to learn French is the pronunciations. That's also the reason I gave up Chinese and chose to learn Korean instead. Turns out, Chinese grammars are so much easier than Korean πŸ˜… 

But, after a week or two of learning French, I enjoy it. So much. I mean, right now, I have no pressure to learn French that makes it more enjoyable. It doesn't scare me at all. And surprisingly, it doesn't surprise me at all. It's not that it's really new concept for me. Only so many new words to learn. Yeah of course I still learn how to speak it but for other things, I am already familiar with the other European languages grammatical and such things. 

Saleve - France

It's true what people said about "When you learn more than 2 foreign languages, learning the 3rd and so on will be so much easier" That is true. All of these similarities and differences are already accessible inside your brain. You just pick it up. At least, that's in my case πŸ˜†

Every area of those languages usually has similarities. I learned Japanese for a year (mandatory at school) and didn't last because of too many symbols to memorize. I suck at memorizing similar symbols. Although I gotta admit that Japanese grammatical is a lot easier than Korean. Learned a little bit of Spanish got me familiar with genders and verb changes. Familiarity with Deutsch made it easy to learn Dutch. 

Combining them all, make me enjoy French learning. I am glad I started it as a refreshment in the middle of coding and daily routine. Well... it's still the second week of learning. So I'll update and I hope to be able to speak it soon. Oh oh oh! I can read and understand the first sentence of what Justin Trudeau said on Twitter lol!

And no, I don't have any interests in France πŸ˜† Only the language, I suppose πŸ˜… 

Now that I think about it, I did go to Saleve, small town in France next to the Switzerland border, unexpectedly.

So, have you learned any other languages, yet? Tell me! 😎


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