It Is Not Chocolate's Fault!

Halo! Hari ini tanggal 14 Februari. Hari ini kelas ngajar gw penuh dari jam pagi sampe jam 8 malem dengan jeda 30 menit aja per kelasnya. Lumayan sih nggak terlalu ngotot meskipun full day.

How was your day? 

So I have been thinking of why people keep messing around with the issue of 14 Feb every year. It is not that I have nothing else to think but this is so damn interesting. It is ok not to follow what people do, or celebrating it. But do not blame the chocolate or flower as the symbol of maksiat 😋 I can't take this!

FYI I just bought my chocolate (I love Cadbury cashew nut in case you want to give me chocolate), I had 10% off (Lai Lai), even if you buy 2 big bars then you will get one free (Indomart). So thoughtful. How can you say no to this kind of discount huh?

This is a kind of big deal for most people (or let say western people). My friends asking me if I am celebrating it and I said that I barely do that. Yea how can I do that if I dont have my husband here? And they were all like "What? You never celebrate it?" So far that I remember, no. Only got a bunch of chocolate from my coworkers and that was all. And Oh favorite pain in the ass!

Maybe you people worried that the rate of free sex will get higher during 14 Feb, but oh dont you know that people do that freely even if it is not 14 Feb? Sex is the basic human rights! Is the condom selling get higher on February? Then it is a really big business. I have read that people in America spend more than 100 dollar for 14 Feb, to celebrate it. Chocolates and flowers prices are getting more expensive during this day and that is why my friend told me that he is happy enough to be a single right now so he can save money LOL.

Nas Daily once made the video about this and said that 14 February is a big business. They sell chocolates, flowers, everything related to love~valentine things. And they earn a lot! Interesting right?

But I wonder why they put discount on the chocolate here if it is a big business?

Well anyway, I bought myself a bar of chocolate not because I want to celebrate but I am craving for chocolate suddenly (as well as craving for sex and attention and cuddle LOL!). But wait a minute, what is so wrong with me celebrate it? Nada!

For you who are celebrating it, please enjoy it. For you who does not, then dont bother the ones who enjoy it 😂 As simple as that haha!

Have a good weekend ahead 


  1. Is the condom selling get higher on February? No, it is selling ndek ngarep etalase minimarket sak arat2 wkwk

    1. wakakakaka still a lot in the etalase huh? then it is failed haha

  2. Mbaknya sukanya diunyel-unyel suwamih yah?



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