Jumat, 01 Februari 2019

2019 January Well Spent

I plan nothing for 2019. I do have plans but I dont write it down, just let it be a secret and I will write them down when they are accomplished. But I always plan to be a better person (of course). So remaining plans I had on my 2018 was doing sport regularly (become healthier) and able to speak Dutch. Nah, I did no sport last year.

So here I am, spent my January by starting to take my Dutch class seriously, and last night I did my 25 mins workout. Ugh it was killing! My legs and butt are so sore today. But I felt lighter after did the workout. So I guess that is a good feeling eh?

It is all about consistency

January well spent. Being so busy with classes from 8 to 8. Crazy month. Busy asf. So many reports to be done, learning Dutch seriously, have to prepare myself for Korean test in a few months, writing more, learn photography more, read more books and audiobook, listening to the podcast also. I am busy man! I am making myself busy! 😎

Books I want to read for February will be Arok Dedes ~ Pramoedya and Becoming ~ Michele Obama.

I am so happy that I seriously starting my Dutch class and doing this workout. I hope that this year I will be able to talk to my parents in law in Dutch, and consistent in doing the sport or workout. And hey! Be sexier ! LOL

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  1. Buku arok dedes, enak sekali dibaca. Dialognya itu lo, tampak hidup sekali.

    1. Kayaknya aku pengen baca ini gara2 mas bumi deh 😅
      Kan makin penasaran jdinya pengen cepet2 baca hoho


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