Senin, 13 Agustus 2018

Body Shaming?


Born as Indonesian makes you having a naturally tanned skin, right? Maybe a long time ago you weren't happy about being born with a tanned skin, or maybe you still don't?

A long time ago, I don't like my skin colour. A lot of my friends having their bright white skin colour, supported by whitening advertisements, this made me feel ugly. Even though some people said that beautiful isn't caused by your skin colour but your characters and attitude (and some more cliche things that can't be seen).

Really? But apparently, whitening cream doesn't work for me, at all. It never works. Just never works. So I start to feel that why don't I embrace my natural skin colour? I don't really hate it but people kept saying that 'Hmmm you are a girl, your skin should be bright and white so that boys will consider you as a beautiful girl'. When I think about that, make me laugh now. How crazy that thought was.

Slowly but sure, am happy with my skin colour. It makes me feel happy and exotic in a way. This skin colour sometimes causes me a problem by not being able to wear too bright dress colour, but that's not the matter anymore. I just love it more and more. As long as I have healthy skin then it's fine whatever the colour is.

good hair day plus prefect light = why not? 😉

It looks healthier and not pale. But, is everybody thinks like that? NOPE!

Few times ago, Nana Mirdad who are married to Andrew White (Mixed race guy who has white skin colour) shared a screenshot of how lucky she is having a white man because she is only a girl with brown skin. MAN!!!! This is ridiculous how 2018 there are people thinks like that.

And that happens to me. I am married to a white guy and some people told me how lucky I am to get married to a white skin guy just because I am a girl with brown skin 😂😂😂😂. It always make me laugh whenever I heard that. Of course, I am lucky because my guy doesn't think that white skin girl is more beautiful than brown skin girl. Doesn't like most of the local guys who think that white skin is the most beautiful ones. Not all of them ya, but most of them 🙈.

Have you heard anyone told you 'duh you are so dark now, what did you do? you should take care of your skin, don't make it too dark otherwise no guy will look at you', have you? or something like 'duh look how dark you are now! you have to use this whitening cream, it works for me!', have you?

I don't blame people who prefer white skin than tanned ones, what I dislike is when they said that white skin girls (or maybe guys also) are the most beautiful ones and insult the brown (or black) skin people. People have different preference, but this is doesn't make sense really. Of course, I don't care about what they said, but some people get offended easily by hearing smth like that. Who knows someone might feels pressure in having dark skin because her husband or family (maybe) doesn't like it. And by you saying something like that, like pouring salt in a wound ckckkck.

I don't hate white-skin-people. The positive side of having tanned skin is not easily getting sunburn like my husband always has 😎. But I hate people who think that they are the most beautiful ones just because they have white skin. Huh Kampungan!

Another body-shaming usually happen to pregnant women or new mothers. Where they just recover from bearing a new life with so many uncomfortable feeling here and there, getting so sensitive and swollen here and there, risking their lives to bring a new life, and then you with your poison mouth says something like 'OMG How fat you are now?? Look at you! why you are still fat after delivering your baby? You are getting that fat but your baby is that small?? How come? Look at me, I am back to my original size after delivering my baby. I don't even swollen too much like you do' F*ck you! I haven't experience pregnancy yet but those poison comments are ridiculous. Most of all, it is coming from women who experienced pregnancy before. Technically, they knew how it feels.

I don't see people from their bodies. Not important. And I have no benefit by doing that body shaming to others. What's the point? Like Javanese would say "perawakane bedo-bedo". Someone can't gain any weight even though she eats so much, and somebody else gains too easily by eating a spoon of ice cream.

Emang kita sesempurna apa sampai bisa mencacat tubuh orang lain? Are you still body shaming other people?

PS : Pregnant women are always beautiful for me no matter how their body shapes are

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  1. as a matter of fact, being darker is better
    lah mbak Agnez Mo iku entek pirang yuto

    1. kita wis uasliiii peteng e ora kate tanning2an beryuto yuto kwkkwwk

  2. Jaman sak iki jek mikir kulit putih koyok bule, helloo

    1. kancaku bolak balik suntik putih wkwkwkkw tp yo panggah wong pigmen e bedo :O


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