Turning 26


Alhamdulillah, I am turning 26. A blessed life, always grateful for everything. Including every problems I have. I believe that is a process to make me wiser. I may be not a perfect one, but I'll always try my best.

Thank you for my parents in law who gave me that drawing... thank you for my husband who sang 'happy birthday' unexpectedly and made me cry for awhile since this is the first time he did it for me. Simple but sweet. Thank you for everyone who still remember the day I was born and still trying to make me feel special, and hmmm nasi kuning me and grandma made yesterday was tasty haha!

google is special on your birthday

I am grateful and I am blessed 😀


  1. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
    Ya allah tak kuasa aku menghitungnya .....

    btw HBD mbak
    traktiran loh yo lek aku ngalup hihi

  2. Makan... makan.....

    *balang ndok*

    Happy birthday mbak, may God grand you His numerous rewads, amen.

    1. aamiin kaka terimakasih, btw aku kangen keenaan lho

  3. Ayam gorengnya tidak nguatin. Pengen ikut makan. Sikaaaat !!!!

    1. ayok sini, nggak cuman ayam aja yang digoreng lho yuk sini maem maem


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