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Mengalahkan Rasa Takut akan Tenggelam

Makanan setelah renang di KOOD Sanur (serba vegan) Dari dulu takut banget sama air dengan volume yang besar. Mungkin di kehidupan gw sebelumnya gw pernah tenggelem kali ya. Makanya nggak pernah bisa renang. Karena ya takut tenggelam. Bahkan sekedar kecipak kecipuk aja takut. Sampai pindah ke Bali. Pindah ke Bali nggak berekspektasi setinggi itu sih. Ternyata, jadi lebih sering main air di pantai. Nggak renang, cuma berendam aja. Lama-lama jadi kebiasaan dan udah mulai terbiasa dengan air. Ternyata seru juga yaa. Kemudian dilatih suami gw buat berani snorkeling. Iya takut awalnya, nggak percaya meskipun dia bilang nggak akan tenggelam karena pake fin. Hmm masaaaa~~ Ya tetep pake pelampung sih. Pertama kali nyemplung, tentu saja heboh takut tenggelam padahal udah pake pelampung, pake fin, mana dipegangin juga. Tapi heboh aja, takut tenggelem. Ada 3 spot waktu itu, gw cuma nyemplung satu spot aja belum juga 15 menit udah naik kapal. Beberapa kali snorkeling akhirnya baru berani lepas pela

Hello Menstrual Cup!

Two years ago when I was in Bali for a holiday with my husband, I saw an ad about a menstrual cup. That really surprised me. I was like, "Huh? A cup inside?" Well technically it is fine with a penis inside, so it should be fine with a food-grade silicone cup inside. 

I am afraid I am gonna say "I am disappointed for not using this sooner" as so many reviews go like that.

The reason why I want to convert my menstrual pad to a menstrual cup is I got rashes so much when I am on my period. It's kind of allergic and that is every women's problem. 

A menstrual cup is reusable, no waste at all, you can use it for 5-10 years or until it cracks (then you have to change it). So this is an eco-friendly product. I chose menstrual cups instead of the menstrual reusable pad because it takes too much time to wash (and dry) the reusable pad and I just don't like it. It's like washing your panties when the blood leaks. Not my favorite. 

So after 2 years of readings, watching videos, and reviews, I decided to buy it. I bought the local product because it is cheaper than the one I want. And because I need a trial session so I better spend $13 than to spend $30 for that. 

It probably scary to imagine how to insert a silicon product into the vagina but when the product arrived, it is not that big. They usually have 2 or 3 sizes: the one for teenagers, the one for the sexually active person, and the one who had given birth per vaginum (for some brands they only use 2 sizes). I chose the medium one. Question from my friends who had C-sec when they had their babies, which cup should they use? I actually don't know much, but everyone's size is different. So if you have the same question, you probably need to try either the second or third size.

Any kind of instructions you can find online.

The day when it arrived, I wanted to try it as soon as possible. I "tried" then I found myself not that relax so it was just at the tip of my vagina and I didn't continue it. I was a little bit tired and stress lately. Everybody says that you should relax so your muscles down there won't be that tense.  

On day two, I was a bit relaxed and wet. So I tried. It was in, like 3/4 part of the cup but when I need it to pop up inside my body, it was not that easy to open the fold. I tried 3 ways of folding and still no luck. Even it popped up outside. The feeling when it was halfway to go in (in super wet condition), it went smooth, to be honest. But a little bit uncomfortable when the last part of the cup needs to pop up inside.

After a few weeks of waiting, finally, it's day one. I had it in the morning and trying to insert it in for about 15-20 mins and still couldn't get it. It went 3/4 part only. I had to wear my pad because I was in a rush to work today.

I tried to insert it in after work and I went all the way in. The first question I had was, "Is it in?" Because I heard the "pop" but not so sure if the fold is unfolded perfectly. I still put on a pantyliner just in case. Turns out after a few hours I have no leak. Though I had to turn it around a few times inside and push it deeper. I did not cut the tail of the cup and it works just fine. Do not cut the tail yet. The length is different so just in case, do not cut it right away.

I tried all of the ways to fold but punch down works better for me because it has some small space to pop up the folding better than the other two. I lifted my leg, use a water-based lubricant, then start to insert it in. Don't be afraid to push it deeper. Two things you should have before inserted it in: relax and wet enough (either from your own lubricant or water-based lubricant). 


It gave me a sensation like when the penis in and out when I inserted the cup. When I woke up I tried to look for the tail of the cup that went all the way in than I had before sleep. That is normal as the muscles down there went super relax when we sleep. But don't worry, you just need to push your stomach muscles down like when you're going to poop and the tail will be out soon. Then you can pull it slowly. I squat when I pull it out. 

I only bleed like 15 ml - 20 ml on my first day. For sure it will be less the next day. The blood stays the same. I mean, the blood stays liquid and doesn't smell. It made my period one day shorter because on day 4, I got only a little.

I am a sexually active person so it's not a new thing to insert something into my vagina. For those who never had sex or explore the vagina yet, you need to learn how to get to know your vagina. It probably makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable.

But one thing I know for sure, the whole menstrual cup experience is a game-changer. No more rashes, no more blood leaks,  no more sanitary waste. You won't even feel that you're on your period once it is in. I love it. It's my first cycle using this but I have no doubt to keep using it. 

If you have any problem related to your body or your vagina, you need to ask your doc first. Some people with contraceptives are asked to consult their ob-gyn first. In my case, I am just a sexually active person with no problems in my body and never give birth yet. What works for someone doesn't mean always work for someone else.

It's really worth a shot, girls 💚

Update: I've been using this for 4 cycles now. I am getting used to it and definitely love it. I still use the water-based lubricant and took me less than 10 seconds to insert the cup. 


  1. Kalo masih perawan jangan coba-coba pake ini. Nanti dijambak sama mak lu !


  2. Aku belom pernah pakai, padahal kalau urusan dimasukin alat yaitu dulu sering diusg trans v aginal ya uda katam pas promil ahhahahah, tapi kalau pas period pakai menstrual cup aku masih parno takut mingslep trus susah dicopot atau bocor hahahhahaa

    Tapi ini emang lebih ramah lungkungan yak daripada pembalut biasa

    1. hahahahahhaah nggak mingsleepp kok. nggak susah copot jg. Ngeden aja. Kalo bs ngeden pas ga bisa pup niscaya kita bs ngeluarin cup ini hahaha

      iya 150ribu bisa dipake 5-10 tahun ini luv bgt. Pembalut sebulan 10ribu kali 12 bulan udah 120 ribu :O Lebih ke efek pemakaian yg ga ada bau, ga gatel2 juga, enak bgt sungguhan hehe


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