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Taking Photos at The Onsen


I am not a big fan of Japan, at all. Then one day my friends asking me out to take some photos somewhere, some of them will be used for photo competition. Oh sure I said ok for this. I love to capture and to be captured lol. I let them find the place nearby. Then they found this new place. The Onsen Hot Spring resort in Batu. With Japanese theme. Not my type at all lol. But the point is spending time together with friends.

Tara.... of course I took my grandma with me and she said 'Oh wow, now I get a lot more of grandsons'.

They said it is a new resort with onsen, but onsen is not operated yet. It was free for grand opening, but now a lot of people coming so we have to pay for the entrance fee, basically for taking photos or eating in the restaurant. One funny conversation in front of the gate  :

Satpam : Halo selamat pagi pak,
Us : Halo pagi pak...
Satpam : ada yang bisa saya bantu (dengan posisi portal  tertutup di depan mobil)
Us : Ehmm apa ya pak ya? Gimana kalo dibantu bukain portalnya aja ya? Ini mau masuk ini mobil πŸ˜‚

And then he explained that now you'll be charged IDR 50,000 to enter the resort. Either for taking photos or just coming for eating in the restaurant. It is funny for me, if we pay for taking photos then it will be okay because we consider to take photos like in Museum Angkut. But if we come for eating without having the feeling for taking photos there, then it would be so extremely nonsense lol. Imagine if we just want to come to the restaurant, maybe just to see the green stuff around then we buy a cup of coffee around IDR 25,000 and we have to pay IDR 50,000 for entrance, and also 21% of tax for restaurant. It will be the same as you got 2 cups of coffee from starbucks lol.


That is just logical thoughts of me. But they are for sure make it easy because they won't control everyone who are coming for photos or eating. I know it will be difficult to do.

Okay... here is the place is located close to Songgoriti. Hmmm it took about 1-2 km from the big street. Oh hey if you come for the first time to Batu and pass this road, don't bother with ojek guys there who will ran into you and offer you : vila murah mas, cuma 100ribu. Murah mas mbak murah πŸ˜‚ (PS : the road is the same road as a 'red light district' villas).

Don't worry, after you pay the entrance fee, you'll get mizone and vit levite for drink (that I don't like to drink them at all). And a cute goodie bag (that is kept by my grandma haha). Afterward, you can start to enjoy the view and taking photos as much as possible you can.

goodie bag

You can also rent a kimono to wear, it cost IDR 150,000. To make you feels what it feels like in Japan lol.We also tried to sit in the restaurant at first, but then I bought coffee. The prices for F&B are not really expensive. That price is the normal price for this resort. But... like I said that I don't like Japan and officially with the foods, so we just end up drinking coffee. I dont know if we got to sensitive or how, but the waitress saw us and said 'oh please wait for the menu'. We waited for 15 minutes and she didn't give us the menu yet till koko Hen asking her to bring the menu. While we drank the coffee... we smell something like cow shit. So strong. Don't really know where it came from.

ada yang salah fokus dikirain koko Hend itu Ernest komika lol

effortnya ambil foto ini gede banget lho 

I took this one. I sell this guy. Any one to endorse him? I promise he is good at making pose and expression. I can be his manager lol

makasih koko rajin motoin plus bawain tas gw hoho

hp gw kebalik, mereka mana sadar 

because laughter is the cure πŸ˜„






One thing that really annoyed me, yesterday a lot of Harley drivers use the road, well you know how (most of) they behave while they are on the road, it was really annoying. SO MUCH. They kept following us till we have our lunch.

We also asked the room rate  for a night. The concept like a bungalow with two rooms like Japanese style. It cost around IDR 3 mio/ night. Well, it is a normal price for that price, and because the hotel prices in Batu and Malang is always two times more expensive than Surabaya and Bali.

We were there from 10 - 12. It was like a short walking tour for us, and long enough for grandma lol. And when we were back in the car, me and Adi try to count how much money they get every day πŸ˜‚


  1. Tak kiro onsen tenanan mbak


    1. ketipu ni yee wkwkwkw
      temenku aja nangis2 ngira aku ke Jepang hahahaha

  2. Kok bisa mencium aroma kotoran Sapi, itu yang nyium mbaknya aja atau yang lain juga nyium? Hmm..

    1. Smuanya bau. Krg tau ya, bs jadi itu buat pupuk jg sih. Cuman agak menggangu soalnya dket banget baunya ke restorannya

      Atau bisa jadi ada sapi2 punya warga didekat situ.


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