Selasa, 10 Oktober 2017

Blessed to be Part of Them

If you ask me what other blessing you have in life, I will say that the other blessing I have in my life is knowing that I have great parents in law, exactly the same as I imagine since long time.

I heard a lot of friends couldn't get along with their in laws, somehow it make me sad. What if I feel what they feel? What if my in law don't like me? I felt worried that I couldn't get along with them since we had several issues before. But day by day I am trying to figure out how they are, the way they are thinking about everything... the more I like them. I like them a lot, maybe I love them a lot. I love them like I love my own parents.

I really do. And I told my dad in law, 'Pa, you know what? I am your big fan' haha. It came out spontaneously as I couldn't hold myself not to say what's on my mind (berlaku juga buat hal buruk yang nggak seharusnya gw liat).

And it makes me happier when I know they like me as well. 

Thank you, for making me become a part of them. Thank you for accepting me as a new member in your family. Thank you for embracing me as your own daughter 💗


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