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bisa wrap sendiri setelah 2 bulan Akhirnya gw nggak cuma mendambakan, "Ahh pengen boxing deh" tapi beneran bayar buat boxing. Udah beberapa bulan ngintip instagram tempat boxing deket rumah gw, udah berbulan-bulan disuruh H buat berangkat, akhirnya gw mantapkan hati "Yaudah lah cobain dulu sekali" yang ternyata gratis trial ya. Karena baru pertama kali, ya gw mau coba yang basic aja.  Setelah satu jam, penuh keringat, gw langsung aja "Mas, bayar dong bulanan".  Gw bener-bener orang yang nggak bisa olahraga sendirian. Karena kalo sendirian, gw pasti boongin diri gw sendiri "Ah kan ga ada yang liat, udah ah nggak kuat" konyol. Tapi kalau ada minimal, pelatihnya, kita udah engap pasti mereka teriak-teriak "10 MORE SECONDS! AYO AYO BISA!!!" Kek malu lah kalau nggak lanjut, yekan? Plank dari cuma bisa 10 detik, jadibisa 20 detik, 30 detik, jadi 40 detik, gara-gara "AYO KAK BISAAAAAA!!!" Antara sebel, kesel, tapi ya seneng 😆 Jadi m

Shifting from Windows to MacOS

Took me a year to decide whether I should buy a Mac or not. Yea, well not mac and cheese obviously. 

I was a windows user for over ten years. My first laptop was a secondhand Acer for a year then I bought Samsung and lasted for 9 years. Samsung notebook was not cheap back then compared to the other notebook. I saved up my money and my dad helps me with the other 1/3. 

My hunch was right. I said, "I want to buy this one, it seems like the best in the market for now. I need it for 5 years at least." Sammy was there for 9 years. What I can't move on from that laptop was the battery. Lasted 5 hours for the first 3 years, then 2 hours for the rest of the years. Well, now it can only be turned on if I plug the charger on. 

Sadly they're not available here anymore. When I asked the stores, they said "Where have you been? Samsung is now focused on their smartphone" But... but... it is a great laptop 😢

I was so desperate when I realized that I need a new laptop. I was looking for a laptop with great battery life, a bigger screen, but also light. It narrowed down to two options; Macbook and Windows Surface. They both had the same price range. 

But the question I had was; people here are mostly windows user, if I buy MacBook, would that make me difficult to work with them? You know how different Apple product is. So I asked a friend who's a Mac user. She said, sometimes yes but it's making life easier. I do realize that there are software/apps made for Windows only and if I want that I need to crack my system to get it installed. Well... let's write down what do I need or I'll need in the future. 

I will be working mostly with Google Drive (sheets, docs, etc), I write a lot and no problem with that, I'll be doing some coding using some software, I will be bringing it everywhere I go so it should be lighter than what I have now. My main concern back then was; what if I need to convert from Pages to Word? Would it ruin the original format if it is converted? 

I checked Mac and Surface physically, to see which one is lighter, which one is handier for me. After thinking about all doubts I had for over a year, I decided to buy a MacBook Air 13'. Can't afford the Pro but Air is good enough for what I need.

Turned out my main concern was not important at all lol. Pages can be saved in any format directly, Word included. Most of the time I am working with online software. Even Safari (Apple browser) now has a blocker. I am an iPhone user, so my Macbook is my extended phone. They're linked perfectly. Because it is linked, so it works quicker. I know that is exactly what I need. 

Some people find it differently when they shifting from windows to macOs. Although it works perfectly for me.

Boss asked me what kind of software I use to crop the image, I said it's included in Mac. Took me a few seconds to screenshot and cropping/editing the images. Sure, you'll need to get familiar with the reverse-system it has because of the close (x) button in the left instead of the right like any other laptop. But it takes you a few days to get it familiar in your hands.

It's true that I can't install some software but those are not my main software to use so it doesn't bother me. I think I am getting used to it, same as when my phone can't install specific apps.  

Apple products always have tricks and personally, it makes my life easier. I like to have my important devices linked. The system is very clean and less drama, in Mac as well as in my phone. The first time I shift from Android to iOS, I know that I wouldn't want to go back to Android. It's the system that matches perfectly with what I want to have. Less noise.

Hopefully, it will work perfectly for at least 5 years. More than that would be better 😅 The only thing that bothers me is I couldn't find the fashionable laptop handbag for that bigger screen. But that's my problem, not the laptops. 

Well, whatever it is, just buy something that you need most. Something that will accommodate your needs daily. Not because you want to show off the brand and know nothing to use it 😂 My laptop is one of my best buys!


  1. ya Alloh monangis kalau liat harga mac, kekepin dompet kenceng kenceeeng

    sebenarnya aku lagi darurat pengen beli laptop mba pris...tapi duh kalau dijajarin ama kebutuhan lain bisa bikin megap megap soale ya antara penting dan ga penting. Sebenere penting cuma ketutupan kebutuhan domeatik lain yang lebih penting wkkwkw

    btw aku baru ngeh mba dikau jago coding juga ternyata ya dan ngeditnya pake software di mac...keren!!

    1. Iya mbak harganya bikin mringis hahahaha. Tapi krn untuk jangka panjang, ga kayak baju yg tiap bulan bisa beli, jadi emg dialokasiin, dipikirin serius juga biar ga beli lagi dalam waktu 3 taun.

      Kalo emang butuhnya ga terlalu keras kerjanya, bisa pilih yang spesifikasinya di bawah ini mbak. Kebutuhan domestik numero uno deh pokoknya wkwkwkw

      Nggak jago mbakkkkk. Masih yaaaa gitudehhh. Tolol trus 😂😂


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